May 2018

Awesome EdTech

Learning never exhausts the mind. ~~ Leonardo da Vinci

Last Day To Check Out A Book - May 15

All Books Due - May 18

Updates - Stay in the Loop:

  • H Awards Are Due May 11 by 4:00 pm!!! - See my email for details!
  • Gmail Will Update Soon - Read here to be prepared!
  • Restricted Videos With New Filter - Jonah updated the directions on how to Approve YouTube videos for your students! Click here!
  • PlayPosit Updates - I talked with Rob at PlayPosit earlier and he went over some cool updates! Click here for a summary!
  • Google ULR Shortener is no more....insert sad face here. - If you used this great tool (like I did) Richard Byrne has some suggestions for a replacement here.
  • Padlet is not free anymore and everybody lost their minds! - If you are a Padlet user (or even if you're not) you probably heard the rumblings about Padlet's change in policies and pricing. - Read here for details. If you used Padlet here are come alternatives suggested by Richard Byrne. And here are some more!

Virtual Learning Activities

Remember -

  • Four LIVE (not recorded) sessions are required for the year
  • One must be a REQUESTED Nepris Session


Discovery Education Calendar of Virtual Field Trips

Connect 2 Texas Opportunities

Groups of educators on Google+ looking to connect classrooms via Google Hangout and/or SKYPE to determine the class' mystery location in the world as well as other activities!

Mystery Location Calls


Connected Classrooms

Google Hangouts in Education

Mystery Hangout

You can check out a webcam with a mic from the media center!

Reserve the multipurpose room with the big, nice conference camera here!

--Here's how to reserve a room, if you need help with that!

Don't forget to record your virtual learning activities on the sheet in the HMS Team Drive here!
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Rulers & Guides Are Here For Google Slides & Draw - I was THRILLED when I saw this update! For those of us who use Slides and Draw lining things up got a lot easier! If you don't see your ruler just go to "View" and turn it on! See pic below!

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Confetti Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash