Coyote Chronicle

October 2019 Edition

Leader of the Pack

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Mullica Township Middle School PBIS recognizes the “LEADERS of the PACK” for

October 2019.

This month the character trait exemplified by these students was RESPECT.

Join us in celebrating:

4th Grade

Jason Cedatol

5th Grade

Jacob Kamenar, Collin Cartwright, McKenzi Arrom, Anthony Lopez

6th Grade

Hunter Simpson, Omar Rodriguez, Masen Cruz, Yarel Martinez, BaiLee Westcoat

7th Grade

Gracie Restuccio, Skylar Lee, Arielle Neals, Tiffany Fabian

8th Grade

Brian Smith, Ethan Grant, Conner Fetzer, Aaron Kehrli

Youth Alliance Assembly - Devyn Wyman

On October 30th, South Jersey Youth Alliance brought former NFL player Devyn Wyman to Mullica School for three very special assemblies. Devyn Wyman played for the New England Patriots. Devyn shared his story of overcoming obstacles in his life with the students in Elementary School, Middle School and in the evening with families.

-Mrs. Rabush

Enjoying Exploratory

Our 8th Grade Photographers took some photos of their fellow classmates while enjoying their Exploratory Period!

-Mrs. Holte

Minute to Win It!!!!

Yeah Exploratory is here! Students gathered together to start their 1st "Minute to Win It " Challenge! They were given a tongue depressor and a pile of dice. In this challenge balance is everything! Students began stacking as many dice as they could in a minute! Many laughs were had by all!

-Mrs. Pino

Middle School students are discovering how steady their hand is as they complete these "Minute To Win It" activities! Can you balance two golf balls on top of each other?!

-Mrs. Leonetti and Mrs. Pino

Brain Games

Students in grades 5th through 8th battled it out in exploratory during Brain Games! Each grade tried to solve the most rebus word puzzles to be the Brain Games champion.

-Mrs. McClaren

Calm Coyotes

During our Calm Coyotes Exploratory Class, we have been developing our yoga practice. This past week, we worked on mindfulness while focusing our attention on coloring as strategy to help bring a sense of calmness to our lives.

-Miss Conaway

Miniature World

The students have been learning how to properly use microscopes to carefully see the details of microscopic items like cells and simple organisms on prepared slides. Students will be making their own slides and drawing detailed images of what they see.

-Mrs. Bartling

Model Rocketry

Students are learning the different parts of a model rocket as they continue to create and assemble their own rockets from scratch. Body tubes, fins and engine mounts have been created.

-Mrs. Bartling

Off and Running!!

Our Tuesday and Friday Runner's Club is off to a great start. We begin in the classroom with a quick stretch, then head outside for our workout. Using a Couch to 5k App, we begin with a warm up walk followed by an alternating jog-walk pattern. Runners jog at their pace and listen for a whistle to know when it's time to switch their pace. Both groups have noticed an improvement in their ability since we started a month ago. Mrs. Tomasello has also been joining our Tuesday group and introduced the students to a full body workout during a rainy afternoon exploratory session.

-Mrs. Manzer

Bead Jewelry

My Exploratory girls and I are having a fun time designing bead bracelets and necklaces.

-Mrs. Rivera

It's Debatable

In our exploratory period, It's Debatable, students are researching information to debate on a topic of their choosing. This week's debate is "Should kids get phones before or after they turn 16?" Looking at reliable sources, students will debate their side. Who will have the strongest arguments?

-Mrs. Coughlin

Team Building Activities

In Exploratory this week we were building different paper airplanes. We split up into teams and each team had to build an airplane of their choice. We then flew them to see which group's airplane flew the furthest!

-Miss Cullen

Using Exploratory to analyze match-ups in sports

Students in Mr. Richards' exploratory class are using both team and individual statistics to pick winners from specific matchups across various different sports. We are learning to factor in different variables such as home and away team as well as which statistics truly help determine a winner and loser.

-Mr. Richards

Funky Fonts Exploratory

Middle School Exploratory students show off their Fall Funky Font creations!

-Mrs. Massaro and Mrs. Rodio

Conaway's Coyotes

Miss Conaway's students enjoyed working with a partner on their Chromebooks while tackling a challenging social studies text. They made sure to use their close reading strategies to aide them in learning about the Southeast Region of the United States.

-Miss Conaway

7th Grade Chemistry

7th Graders have been learning about chemistry and reactions. In the Lab they explored how to tell if a chemical or physical reaction occurred. They were able to witness exothermic and endothermic reactions along with color changes and formation of a precipitate.

-Mrs. Bartling

Pumpkin Chuckin'

MARVEL-ous Superheroes of Mullica

Students in Mr. Hannel's and Mrs. Sheldon's classes enjoyed an epic Halloween and reenacted some favorite scenes from the movies!

-Mrs. Sheldon

For the Fall Festivities, 7th graders designed, constructed, tested, modified and collected data on catapults that they designed to launch candy pumpkins.

-Mrs. Bartling

Having Fun!

Science Team Work is the Best!

-Mrs Leonetti

Putting the Pieces Together!

5th Grade math is solving multi-digit multiplication problems to literally put the puzzle pieces together! Team work is always a fun way to work through the problems together!

-Mrs. Pino

It's All About Character

Students had a great time working in teams for a sorting activity. They read paragraphs and worked together to decide what character trait was demonstrated in each.

-Mrs. Rivera

What's On Your Mind?

Communication is key in Mr. Hannel's class.

Partner Competition

Students worked in pairs to review skills the skills we learned involving adding and subtracting fractions. Questions were posed one at a time and points were awarded if the group could provide the correct work/answer in the time provided!

-Mr. Apalucci

Equations, Equations, Equations

Students are learning how to solve equations with a variable on each side of the equal sign. Using manipulatives for hands-on learning of math,students make sense of the equations. Students were successful in solving equations by working collaboratively and thinking critically.

-Mrs. Coughlin and Mrs. Holte

Violence in the Movies

Students read and discussed two opposing arguments for and against the use of violence in the movies. After identifying and tracking the central claim in both articles, students worked together to determine which author presented the stronger argument by evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of each author's evidence.

-Mrs. Vanderheyden

Health and Wellness

Mrs. Tomasello's health class partnered with AtlantiCare Healthy Schools and had the opportunity to experience a Farm to Table cooking lesson. Students were able to taste a wonderful Harvest Slaw prepared by AtlantiCare's guest chef. Students tasted a variety of healthy veggies from local farms. During exploratory class, students completed an agility and fitness workout from AtlantiCare personal trainers. They also reinforced to students the importance of overall health and wellness, for a lifetime.

-Mrs. Tomasello

Moon Phases

Mr. McLaughlin's 6th grade science classes learn about the moon phases by conducting an activity simulating the motions of the earth, sun , and Moon.

-Mr. McLaughlin

Erupting Volcano

This activity helped 7th grade Big History students become familiar with certain enduring features of the ancient Mesoamerican civilization, including settlement choices.

-Mr. Gerber

Big History on a Football Field

This hands-on activity helped 5th grade Big History students gain another perspective on scale—in particular, the scale of different things in relationship to each other by scaling out the Big History story on a football field.

-Mr. Gerber

Acceleration of Change

Purpose This activity focuses in on acceleration itself and not just the causes of it. By encountering concrete examples of acceleration, such as building human population graphs out of legos, 8th grade Big History students can make connections to better understand the process as a whole.

-Mr. Gerber

Invent a Species

6th grade Big History students were tasked with inventing a species that was inspired by imagination but grounded in scientific thought and reason.

-Mr. Gerber

7th grade Reading "The Hobbit"

Mrs. Magalong's and Ms. Donio's classes have been enjoying read-alouds with Mrs. Sheldon during reading classes. Her accents, voices, and overall enthusiasm for the book has been a very enjoyable event when they get to listen to her read in the library together.

-Mrs. Sheldon

Education vs. Income Balloon Towers

In 8th grade Financial Literacy, we have be learning about building your career and how the more education you receive, the more potential you can have for higher income. Students were put into groups and then given a card with an Education level and the Skills/Limitations that they had to attempt to build the tallest balloon tower. For example, if you were a High School Dropout, you had to use one hand only and they could not talk. An Associate Degree, they had use of both hands but no talking and a Doctoral Degree could talk and use both hands. Fun times learning about the importance of educating yourself!!

-Mr. Curll

8th Grade High School Fair

Mullica's 8th Grade students were introduced to the GEHRHSD Magnet Programs at our annual High School Fair. Students and Staff from Greater Egg Harbor Regional’s 6 Magnet Programs informed, explained, and excited our 8th grade students about what the Magnet Programs can offer as they prepare for their high school experience. The Magnet application deadline is December 13, 2019. For more information about Greater Egg Harbor Regional’s Magnet Programs, visit their website. Here’s the web address:

-Mr. Maher

Keeping Staff Healthy Too!

The health office offered flu shots to staff. Our goal is student AND staff wellness.

-Mrs. Goodrich

Calling all Veterans!

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It's Time for our annual food drive

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Mark Your Calendar


    • November – Food Drive / Holiday Drive
    • November 7 - November 8 - NJEA Convention - School Closed
    • November 11 - Veteran’s Day - School Closed
    • November - Veteran’s Day Presentation/Celebration - am
    • November 14 - ACIT Presentation to 8th Grade
    • November 27 - Early Dismissal 1:03 pm - Thanksgiving Break
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