The Scientific Revolution

By: Ariadna Escamilla

What was the Scientific Revolution?

By the 17th century, people still had there religious beliefs and still didn't know the truth about the things surrounding them but then later on there was a big new change. in which scientist started and began to discover this they did not know existed.

The Fathers of Science

How did it began?

It all started with Nicolaus Copernicus who began to wonder why everything was the way it is and then Isaac Newton who came had different and new theories and then Galileo Galilei who brought much more theories to the questions.

How did it change the views????? ;o

People had only paid attention to there church believes and there teachings while growing up, but no one really knew the truth. Once the Scientific Revolution was announced people started to see the sky differently knowing that everything had motion and revolved around the sun.

How has it affected the modern today????

We have no believes now, we do but not scientific believes, we've only got the truths and the scientific research. Thanks to the Fathers of Science we know now the causes of what happens and why things happen.