My Super-fruit

Briana Hahn

Whats a Strawbankiwi?

A Strawbankiwi is a cross between a strawberry, banana and kiwi. This way you get all the wonderful health benefits from each fruit.
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Health Benefits

A strawbankiwi is rich in potassium. Also it provides fiber and vitamins A,E, and B. It also helps with your immunity, as well as cancer. Not only does it help with cancer it also reduces the risk of heart disease we found that in the strawberry part of our fruit . these benefits are just a few of the benfits that came from our strawbankiwi.

super powers?

The stawbankiwi has special powers that it gives to the person who eats this fruit. If you eat this fruit you will have and Extra strong immune system. Another super power this fruit has would be x ray vision. since the kiwi help your eyes.