By Abigail Furman

Hungary is a land different from our own. With beauiful sights and different life styles.
Hungary is located in Central Europe. It is northwest of Romania. Hungary is slightly larger than Portugal but smaller than the state of Indiana.

Physical features.

Physical features in Hungary include several rivers. One of the main physical features is The Great Hungarian Plain. The highest point in Hungary is Mount Kekes. Mount Kekes is 3,300 feet tall.

Tourist attractions include Matthias Church, Buda Castle, Lake Balaton.

Sort history.

Hungary was ruled for a time by Austrains, then Turks. Now it is a Democracy. The currency used is Forint. Hungary joined the EU in 2004.
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The Hungary Flag

This flag was most recently adopted in 1957. The colors on the flag first appeared together on the cord of a 1618 seal. The red stands for strength, the white for fidelity, and the green for hope.

Major cities

The capital of Hungary is Budapest. Other cities are Debrecen, Gyor, Pecs, and Miskolc.


The people of Hungary celebrate Christmas differently from us. Children shine there shoes and leave them on the window sills for St. Nicholas to put chocolate and candy in the shoes. Also, gifts are opened Christmas Eve instead of Christmas morning! Another fun fact is that the national anthem is Himnus. One more fun fact is that lunch is the main meal in Hungary.


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