Alex Rider Eagle Strike

Brice McCullough/Block 1/By-Anthony Horowitz


The setting in the story is almost everywhere in Europe Amsterdam,Britian, etc. Damian Cray is constantly moving around. The time is present day so hi-tech stuff as you'd except. The main places in the book are Britian and Cray Software and Technology.

Conflict and Plot

The conflict of the book is obviously man vs. man but also a little man vs. self to. The man vs. man is Damian Cray against Alex Rider. They have many battles withe each other the biggest one were he killed Damian Cray. The man vs. self is Alex against himself going through some mental problems about being a spy.

Alex Rider Eagle Strike


What is a big symbol in my book is Yassen Gregorivich and Alex Rider. Alex represents his dad and really so does Yassen. Alex's dad died before he was able to meet him. Yassen was bounty hunter partners toghether. Yassen says Alex looks just like his dad.

Alex Rider Eagle Strike

I thought Alex Rider Eagle Strike was a fantastic to be the book. It has loads of action and adventure. The villian Damian Cray is the last man you would expect to be the villian. Cray is about 5'10 and skinny he is also a multibillionare with a big plan. Yassen Gregorivich is the last man you would expect to be Alex's friend in the book. But remember to read 1-3 books first or it won't make any sense.