Francisco Pizarro

The Spanish explorer

Francisco Pizarro Information

Francisco Pizarro Was born in Trujillo Spain in 1476, he was a explorer and a soldier. Francisco Pizarro discovered the pacific ocean, during the Vasco Nunez de Balboa expedition. to read more click this link

Francisco Pizarro Explorer Background

Francisco Pizarro became a solider in 1502 he went to Hispaniola with the new Spanish governor of the new world colony. Pizarro served under Spanish conquistador Alonso de Ojeda during the expedition to Colombia in 1510. Hearing legends of the great wealth of an Indian civilization in South America, Pizarro formed an alliance with fellow conquistador Diego de Almagro in 1524 and sailed down the west coast of South America from Panama. The first expedition only penetrated as far as present-day

Ecuador, but a second reached farther, to present-day Peru. There they heard firsthand accounts of the Inca empire and obtained Inca artifacts. The Spanish christened the new land Peru, probably after the Vire River. To read more click on this URL

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Francisco Pizarro Map

Above is Francisco Pizarro's map rout. Francisco Pizarro discovered the pacific ocean on the bottom left of the map. and sense he found the pacific ocean that is an impact on the world now because we know were and what it is now.
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Francisco Pizarro Explorer and a soldier

Francisco Pizarro was also a great soldier for the Spanish and a leader for the Spanish. for more information click this URL
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Francisco Pizarro also discovered Lima in 1535 witch brought a lot of people to Lima the picture above is Lima now it has been improved scene Francisco discovered it.
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Francisco Pizarro conquered Peru

Francisco Pizarro discovered Peru in 1532.


Francisco Pizarro was an all around good guy for Spanish he was a explorer who discovered the pacific ocean and conquered Peru and was a soldier. Watch the video below for more information.
Francisco Pizarro - The Most Evil Men In History (part 1 of 2)