Treats For Chop

by Jesse Wargon 5S

Cheer Up Chop

Kids are ill and they are having to go to the hospital at Chop. They are lying there in a hospital bed bored, and they want to play with something to cheer them up.

These are the things I did for my TCA project.

I think that the kids at Chop are always lonely and have no where to go. I think they never talk to anyone or play with toys. So I decided to raise money to buy toys for Chop so they would not be bored all the time. I decided to make a bake sale for the people in my neighborhood. I invited some of my friends to help me bake. We made cupcakes, brownies, cookies, and muffins. We would walk up to the house and hand them their treats. I made $225.I went shopping with my dad to buy the toys. Then I gave all the toys to Chop and it was a good feeling to me to do something nice to someone in need.