Apple vs. Android

iTunes vs. Goolge Play

apple and android....... may be similar?

The ways they may be similar, they both useually have the same apps but they may be under a different name but it is still the same app!

apple and android, have a differnce!?

They will have more differnces than things in common! But some of things that they don't have in common is that with the iPhone, what you see is what you get: the user interface is the same on each of the available models. On the other hand, Android is designed to be modified by the manufacturer releasing the device. These modifications can vary greatly and often completely change the look and feel of an Android phone.

itunes and google play may be different?

I found, first of all, that Apple continues to have the biggest catalog of music and video offerings! Google play is far less specific about the size of its catalog.

itunes and googly play have things in common?!

Googly Play and iTunes both have the same price for their movies purchases,music, rentals movies! The price of their rental movies are $3.99/4.99, and their music prices are $10.29/1.29, and their movie purchases are $14.99/19.99