You've Been Drafted

Vietnam War

Vietnam War Draft

-Male citizens between the ages of eighteen to twenty-six to serve in the armed forces.

-Men could avoid being drafted into the armed forces by feigning ailments, filing appeals, switching locals, or just bending the rules.

-Popular slogan: "If you got the dough, you don't have to go".

-11% of the U.S. male draft-age population were African Americans and 31% of the combat troops in Vietnam.

-2% of the draftees were college graduates.

-2.2 million men were selected by the Selective Service out of the 28.6 men age eligible.

-About 60% of men eligible, avoided going to war.

-8,750 draft offenders were convicted.

-A random lottery was introduced in 1969 by Dr. Curtis Tarr.

-Draft completely ended on January 27, 1973

-Men with the birthday of Sept. 14 were the first to be drafted.

-Volunteers were drafted before the lottery.

-850,000 men were eligible for the draft.

The Results of the First Draft Lottery, Dec. 1, 1969

The Draft Lotteries

The draft lotteries consisted of blue plastic capsules (containing birth dates) were selected from a large glass container. The results were controversial because some believed that the capsules were not well mixed, and that consequently, the drawings were not truly random.
WHIPLASH: The Draft Lottery, December 1st, 1969