Down Syndrome

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I want to know more about down syndrome because i want to see what they have to go through and see what they have to do to live.

The Disorder


The baby may reach growth and development milestones. it can include rolling, over, standing, walking and talking.


The children can have develop disabilities and also can lead to behavior. They have trouble communicate well or understand other expectations.


The will have social difficulties such as having hard time handling strong emotions and feelings. Also struggles can lead to problems, especially to depression.


Men that have Down syndrome most often are sterile and cannot father children. Many women that have Down syndrome can have children, and they usually have early menopause.


Down syndrome is caused by abnormal cell division. Down syndrome has an extra abnormal chromosomes. Having an extra genetic material changes the way the brain and body develop. Medically the changes start in woman's egg before or at conception. The error occurs in sperm at conception. It is not known what causes the cells to divide abnormally.


is a chromosome disorder that a disease caused by a visible abnormality of the chromosomes rather than a mutation affecting a single gene.


Boby, shape, size- short, height,low muscle tone, a short wide neck, short stocky arms and legs.

Face Shape and features- small ears, irregular shape mouth, tongue, crooked teeth.

Health problems- heart defects, depression, hearing problem, eyes problem


Treatment for Down syndrome is making sure the child has regular medical checkups, helping your child develop, watching for early signs of health problems. The doctors monitor any diseases and health problems that people with Down syndrome will have higher chance of developing other diseases.


Down Syndrome has a karyotype.
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Down Syndrome can happen to anybody. Its really not that common.

Information i have learned

That here is an extra abnormal chromosome. The people have to get medical help, get checkups. I have notice that the people have down syndrome have a hard time.
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