ES Faculty News

Week of May 9-13

From Stacy and Carol

We hope you enjoyed Teacher Appreciation Week. I hope that you felt as loved and appreciated as you are!

We have 13 days left with our kids this school year! Let's make sure we make each of them count! This time of year is the perfect time to try a new technique, or strategy.....maybe something you were considering changing for next year. Why not go ahead and try it now???? Since you have built relationships, and expectations are in place, this would be the perfect time to think outside the box!

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Fitness Frenzy

It is Fitness Frenzy week! Coach Park has worked hard to plan for both sunshine and rain! It will be a fun week for kids!

Please send an email/remind message to your parents about Fitness Frenzy

*There is a rainy day plan! We will play rain or shine!

*Wear class shirt or one of the same color

*If someone other than the parent is checking the child out for lunch, the parent needs to send in a note.

*Lunch/recess times will change based on when the morning activities finish up

*There will be a concession stand in the afternoon. Items range from $0.25-$1.00

*Anything else you might think of!

RTI Meeting

The RTI Committee will meet on Monday to discuss retentions. We have 2 students on the list.

Summer Reading Challenge

Students will be reviving their Summer Reading Challenge information in library this week. Please encourage your students to read and log their minutes! Their Super Reading chart as well as independent reading time in class can count! If you have any ideas about what our reading "incentive" might be, please let me know!

PD for Certified Teachers

REMINDER: Carol & I were able to meet with most of you on two weeks ago to discuss the summer PD requirements. If we didn't get a chance to go over it with you, please see Carol about it on Mon. Any questions, ask!


Please schedule a time in your grade level where students can get their grade level classmates' signatures. We will have a school wide signing on Friday, May 20th!

Eastside Elementary: My Future Story Week

This is a celebration that is designed to encourage our students to think about their educational goals, hopes and dreams. We also want to help them explore some of the different career opportunities available.

Monday, May 16th

  • Dress for Success Day Wear your gear for your future career!

Tuesday, May 17th

  • Think about it Tuesday - Students will work on future stories and drawings in their classrooms. Wear your favorite “thinking cap” to school.

Wednesday, May 18th

  • Wear It Wednesday – Wear your favorite college gear or university colors.

Thursday, May 19th

  • Tech Thursday – Students will use technology in their classroom to explore career and college websites.

  • Don’t be silly, prepare for your future! Wear silly socks today.

Friday, May 20th

  • Eastside Superhero Day - Additional details to come soon!

Classroom Teachers

Library Field Trip

The bus will load at the back by the cafeteria. Parents are welcome to meet you there...but are not needed as chaperones. This is an exciting opportunity and a fabulous way to get kids excited about reading!


1st grade @ 12:00 Return @ 1:00

3rd Grade @ 1:15 Return @ 2:15


Kindergarten @ 8:15 Return @ 9:15

2nd Grade @ 10:00 Return @ 11:15

4th Grade @ 1:15 Return at 2:15

Social Studies Inventory- From Kaye Smith

As part of the end of the year check out, please have teachers inventory their social studies kits to make sure all of the trade books are accounted for.

Each teacher has an inventory sheet that came with their SS kit. This inventory sheet should last five years. Instructions for doing the inventory is at the top of the inventory sheet. When we trained teachers on the social studies kits, it was part of the training. If you send out a reminder to your teachers, they should be able to pull the inventory sheet from their SS kit.

If for some reason a teacher does not have an inventory sheet, they are linked on the K-4 Social Studies Homepage. The document is titled "K-4 Social Studies Books Lists, 2015-2016." It is an excel document with tabs at the bottom for each grade level.

End of the Year Assessments

Please have your end of the year assessments into the google doc no later than Thursday, May 19th. Our interventionists must pull the data on the 20th for their end of the year reporting.
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Upcoming Dates

5/9-K Fitness Frenzy

Library Field Trip for 1st grade and 3rd grade (at different times)


5/10-1st grade Fitness Frenzy

Library Field Trip for Kindergarten, 2nd and 4th grades (at different times)

5/11- 2nd Grade Fitness Frenzy

5/12- 3rd Grade Fitness Frenzy

5/13- 4th Grade Fitness Frenzy

5/17- Dawn Jackson retirement reception

5/19- 4H to ES for 4th Grade/K Science in PD

5/20- CHS Graduation/Superhero Day/ Hot Dogs from Centennial Bank 2:00 Dismissal

5/24- 2:00 Dismissal

5/25- 2:00 Dimissal......Bouncy Houses for all students

5/26- Meeting at Fine Arts at 8:30/ Building Meeting