Adventure to the Unknown

by Nicholas Gulley and Daniel Long

Our captain, Ferdinand Magellan

Born in Northern Portugal in 1480, Our captain is truly royalty. When his parents met their unfortunate end, Magellan became Godson to Queen Leonor. As an experienced captain and veteran, you can be sure that you are in good hands. No one is braver, stronger, or smarter than our captain. Tell that to Luis de Mendoza, who was killed for stealing a ship from Magellan. Our captain is all business.

Our journey

We plan to become the first, that's right I said FIRST people to sail around the world! You can be apart of a feat no man has ever done before. We will even pay you to come on the trip. Below is a map of our projected route around the world. We will leave on August 10, 1519. We do not know how long this will take, probably somewhere around 2-3 years. So come prepared for 3 years of fun on the sea! We ABSOLUTELY promise no deaths on this trip.
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