Olmos Library Newsletter


Library Stats for December

Total Checkouts per grade level:

  • Kinder- 143
  • 1st- 161
  • 2nd- 378
  • 3rd- 366
  • 4th- 193
  • 5th- 165

Total checkouts (includes grade levels and staff)= 1,600

Past and Present/Pasado y Presente

Each 1st grade class spent approximately 2 ½ -3 hours in the library working on their research unit. The unit was a co-teach with the librarian and the classroom teacher, and consisted of 3 sections. A new station was added this year which allowed students to create some fun items from Colonial Times. Students were able to make a clay ball & use quills with black in to write their name and the ABC's.

Section 1- Intro w/ PP TEKS. Discuss vocabulary transportation, recreation, communication, past, present and show PP. Small groups (3-5 students) sort photo cards of transportation, recreation, and communication.

Section 2- Divide class into 5 groups and each group will rotate among the 5 stations: two book stations, computer station, iPad QR code classification station, & Hands On Activities. These are very short stations (15 minutes).

Section 3- Final Project - Students were able to choose one of the three areas (transportation, communication and recreation) and use the iPad as well as their research journal to illustrate what they have learned.

iPad Apps used for Final Project: *several classes created their ChatterPix video and then the librarian uploaded them to the PicPlayPost app so ALL videos were put into a video collage. This allowed the teacher to view all student work at one time and the video collage can play each ChatterPix video sequentially*

  1. ChatterPix Kids- Simply take any photo, draw a line to make a mouth, and record your voice.
  2. PicPlayPost- The first all in one video collage maker with music and editing tools that delivers you a full suite of customization options to build unbelievable photo, gif and video collages.
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Hour of Code

Kinder thru 2nd grade participated in the Hour of Code in the library the week of December 7-11. The Hour of Code takes place each year and is a way for students to be introduced to Computer Science and learn the basics. Kinder and 1st grade used The Foos app while 2nd grade used Star Awakens.

The Foos- Kids learn to code via a series of exciting adventures. They can track down a sneaky donut thief, rescue puppies lost in space and serve up gourmet meals while mastering core computer science concepts; over 40 puzzle levels.

Star Wars Awakens- BB-8 drone acts out commands, while Rey provides guidance and Star Wars themes play in the background.

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It's beginning to look a lot like winter

The library exploded with a winter theme this year! From snowflakes and lights along the circulation desk, to a Star Wars Awakens themed bulletin board (which included Star Wars snowflakes). Students and teachers enjoyed all of the décor and it put a smile on the faces of anyone who entered the library; some giggles could be heard at the sight of our library door with the librarian and library assistant riding a horse pulled sleigh.
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