Panther Newsletter

8th Grade

Upcoming Events:

  • Friday, April 15 - Star Card Hat Day
  • Friday, April 22 - College Day
  • Friday, April 22 - Star Card Recess/Gym Time
  • Wednesday, May 11 - SCIENCE STAAR TEST
  • Thursday, May 12 - HISTORY STAAR TEST
  • Friday, May 20 - Frontier Village Field Trip
  • Thursday, May 26 - Perot Museum Field Trip
  • Positive Action Drug Prevention Program will be taught in the US History Classroom on the following dates...4/27, 5/4, 5/17, 5/18, 5/25

*NO School May 16, 23, or 30

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Holocaust Museum Night

Never Again: A Guard Performance by Boone Cannon
The Caust of Life: A Short Film by Gage Russey

Science News:

Over the next few weeks, we will be reviewing for the STAAR test which will be given on May 11, 2016. There is a tremendous amount of content that is tested, including 6th and 7th grade curriculum. We will be moving quickly and students will have homework most nights reviewing content and practicing their strategies. Please remind them to complete these daily.

I have also broken down the data from our benchmark test and identified areas of weakness for each student. Using this data, I have handed out invitations to students for after school STAAR Reviews from 3:30 - 4:00 specifically targeting these weaknesses. I handed out this week's invitations last Friday and will continue to hand these out on Friday for the upcoming week. Please ask your child if they have an invitation and encourage them to attend if possible. Today was our review of Atomic Structure and I had 15 kids in attendance!

Cell Shootout

We had a blast last week reviewing cells during the Cell Shootout. Here are a few highlights.
Cell Shootout 3rd Period
4th Period Cell Shootout

Math/Algebra News:

We started our 11 day EOC review in class today, and we are also using advisory time for extra preparation. Students can use their interactive notebook, warm up folder, and review material to prepare for the test.

In math class, we are preparing for next year with a preview of various Algebra I topics. Students have been solving multi-step equations, and we will wrap up this unit with a test on Thursday, April 21st. Next, we will explore domain and range of linear and quadratic functions from graphs.

History News:

Our students are currently learning about the American Industrial Revolution and its impact on our culture (social, religious, economic, & political). We have discussed the innovations and inventions from that time period and the reforms that began to happen. Change was everywhere during this time period! Other topics we are covering during this unit is how literature and art were influenced, the new technological advances, and the reform movement for children, education, temperance, the mentally ill, prisons, etc.

We should be done with Unit #9 - The Industrial Revolution this week and then we will begin Sectionalism which leads to the Civil War. So far this year, they have learned about how we earned and put our country together only to tear it apart again in the 1860s.

Tutoring is available Tuesday-Thursday mornings.

ELAR News:

Holocaust Museum Night was a great success. While there were a few kinks, the students did an amazing job. Words cannot describe how proud I am of them.

We have launched out Poetry PBL. We are partnering with Kyrie's Coffee Shop to put on a Poetry Night there. We're looking at the 3rd week in May. See the form below to let us know which dates/times work best for your family.

Pre-AP English Meeting w/ Ms. Morse

Students who are anticipating admittance into Pre-AP English will need to meet with Ms. Morse to discuss their summer reading project. Students will meet in Mr. McEwin's room on Wednesday, May 18th during their advisory time.