Happy New Year


Welcome to a new decade!

Happy New Year! Can you believe we are beginning a new decade 2020? We always plan for the future and possible goals for the year coming up. However, decades are big milestones. What were you doing 10 years ago? 5 years ago? What were big milestones for you these past 10 years-kids, new jobs, new homes, moving, new relationships, new school, and on and on? Going through all of these experiences-good and bad-have a major impact on who were are and how we got to this point. There are struggles we all go through but look at where you are now. So many victories.

One special victory for us at Pfluger is you have chosen to have kids at Pfluger. We are so excited to have each of you here. Our commitment to you is to redouble our efforts to do all we can to make your child succeed academically, physically, and socially and emotionally. Continue our commitment to communication and involving you in the education of your precious children. We look forward to working with you in the second half of this year.

I hope you had a tremendous break and we all got healthy! School starts TUESDAY, January 7th. School starts right at 7:35 so don't be late.

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Set your alarm 10 minutes early!

NEW starting Tuesday:

As we mentioned in December through this newsletter, a flyer home and passing out flyers to folks who arrived after 7:35, any student who arrives after 7:35 the parent will have to park and check the child in the office.

This is for your child's safety. It helps ensure they get safely inside the building and get to class.

One way to avoid having to get out of your car and walk inside to the office is to arrive earlier. A big rush starts at 7:30 so plan to arrive at 7:20 when the drop off doesn't take as much time.

Time to Clean Out!

I bet you would be surprised what you will find in your child's backpack. If you are like me, when my son came home at the break, I have not looked at his backpack for over 2 weeks. I just found a shirt in there that I am sure needed to be washed 2 weeks ago.

Check yourself to see what is in there. Take out old papers, old snacks, notes that never got to you, etc. Clean out all of the crumbs, dirt, rocks. You laugh but they are in there.

Remember all toys should stay home every day! Toys are cards, Pokemon cards, key chains, bracelet weaving, rubrics cubes, slap bracelets, Christmas gifts, etc.

New clothes, jackets, water bottles?

Please take a minute to label your child's sweaters, jackets, sweatshirts, lunch boxes, water bottles, etc. These are typical gifts over the holiday that come to school but quickly get left somewhere and find their way to the lost and found.

If we find items that are labeled we are able to get them returned.

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We need your help

Crossing Guard and Cafeteria Monitor

Our amazing crossing guard and cafeteria monitor is now a full-time PK aide at Pfluger. So, we need someone to take her place. (You don't have to dress up every Friday;).

Safety is so important and the crossing guard job is EXTREMELY important for all of our children in cars, walkers and bike riders. Along with the crossing guard is a cafeteria monitor job.

If you are interested in both or just one of those roles, please call or email Emily Marshall at 512-268-8510 and emily.marshall@hayscisd.net.