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Getting Connected

Enjoy the December 2013 newsletter! This will be sent out each month to celebrate YOU! Make sure to read all the information, as well as, being an active participant on the O2 Hoot Club Facebook page... https://www.facebook.com/groups/438608462845644/

We are part of a bigger team as well...the OWL STARS ELITE:

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As always, I am available to answer any questions via FB, phone 630-341-8492 or at my new email address: hootliz@yahoo.com!

Welcome to the Club - January 2014

Roxanne Adams- Bolingbrook, IL (Barb Pennington)

Jennifer Rosenbach - Cortland, IL (Sheri Prutton)

Fauna Lewis - Loves Park, IL (Becca White)

Tracy Sharp - Bellmawr, NJ (Angel Daug)

Kimberly Gordus - Huntley, IL (Liz Lundeen)

Jennifer Ochoa - Oak Lawn, IL (Liz Lundeen)

Keep on sharing the opportunity!

Look Whooo's Moving Up in O2 Hoot Club

No promotions for January!

You need one designer on your team to be promoted to Leading Designer where you are paid 9% of their sales!

You need three designers on your team to be promoted to Team Leader where you are paid 10% on your Level 1 and 5% on your Level 2!

That is worth HOOTING about!

Central Team Volume 2014

January 2014 - $9607.25

December 2013 - $17,185.40

November 2013 - $17, 261.30

October 2013 - $9950.31

September 2013 - $7529.29

August 2013 - $4967.96

July 2013 - $2466.12

June 2013 - $5130.63

May 2013 - $9906.00

April 2013 - $9889.18

March 2013 - $6980.98

February 2013 - $4570.79

January 2013 - $2867.40

January Owl-Stars ~ $500+ PV

Level 1

Barbara Pennington - $1108.50

Sara Wogaski - $589.80

Level 3

Diane Markey - $1412.70

Level 4

Nikki and Macie Bolatto - $681.20

Liz's Stats

PV: $1563.50

Recruits: 2

Commission: $904.71(Approx.)

Commission because I CHOOSE to build a team: $475.79 (Level 1) + $75.15 (Level 2) + $46.34 (Level 3) = $597.28

Illinois Spring Launch Meeting

Tuesday, March 11th, 8am


Karla Savage posted on the OWL STARS ELITE page that there will be a Spring Launch event taking place on MARCH 11th. I will share info as it becomes available.

Origami Owl 2014 Convention

Thursday, July 24th, 1am to Saturday, July 26th, 11:45pm

100 North 3rd Street

Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix Convention Center
100 North Third Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85004
United States
(866) 837-4213

Origami Owl

Registration $200

Join ​us this ​year ​in ​Phoenix, ​AZ ​for ​a ​life-changing ​event ​that ​you ​can't ​afford ​to ​miss! ​

Statistics ​show ​that ​attending ​convention ​can ​help ​grow ​your ​business ​6 ​to ​10 ​times ​faster!

Experience ​two ​incredible ​days ​with ​our ​executive ​team ​ where ​you'll ​network ​with ​other ​Designers, ​get ​exclusive ​sneak ​ peeks ​of ​new ​products, ​experience ​personal ​development ​and ​ celebrate ​recognition.

*Please contact me once you have registered. I will be looking to coordinate hotel and dinner.*