Why not READ?

If you read, you will succeed!

Explanation of reading

The importance of reading is, that it's vital for finding a job, helps you discover new things and a creative side of a person. The words spoken are the building blocks of life; it also helps set a good self image to yourself. You would always like to have a conversation with someone right? If you read, you will learn new words everyday and will know what to say when you are having a conversation with anyone. You will need to be able to learn in order to do almost anything nowadays. For example, if you're an athlete and you are about to sign to a team, you will have to be able to read the papers before you sign them in order to go to them.


In order to learn how to read you should get plenty of rest, get the right nutrients for the biochemistry need for learning, prepare yourself, when reading, ask yourself what is this about over and over until you get it, take notes and read over them and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!