SDJ Construction

We are just one phone call away.

We have the best service. We give you service no other company will. We DO NOT lie to our customers.

We ask you to pay us $20 an hour.

Your Workers

We do not have many employees but we get the job done. First there is John, he is our architect. Then there is Devin, he is our lead mechanic and researcher. I, Samantha, am the owner. Without me they wouldn't have a job and you wouldn't get the job done like you want it. Give us a call and the job will get done.

Our Deal to You!

We offer a deal for anyone if we work for over an 24 hours total we will subtract $35 for the next 4 hours.

Come to our shop or give us a call during these times.

Monday-Thursday we are open 9 am-10 pm.

Friday we are open 9 am -9 pm.

Saturday and Sunday we are open 8 am-9 pm.

Contact us at: 936-874-2030