One Month to make an Impact

Campaign for knowledge, growth, and sustainability


This campaign is just in time for Earth Day but instead of celebrating for one day, I wanted to celebrate all month! The purpose is to spread knowledge, ideas and inspiration to change a part of your lifestyle that could make a more positive impact on the environment. Sharing inspiration such as artwork, images of nature's beauty, and creative crafts that reuse and recycle trash is a great way to encourage change. Sharing knowledge and facts about our environment and key issues we face is a great way to educate others. Deciding to change a decision in our lives, either small or large, to be more environmentally aware and put it into practice is a great goal to have.

The campaign runs through all of April. I will continue to post all month long in celebration of Earth Day, April 22nd! The campaign also includes a call to action contest ending on April 30th where you can win a cash prize to be donated to an organization of your choice. So, let's reduce our negative human impact by changing the multitudes of decisions we make from day to day. This way we can achieve knowledge, growth, and sustainability.

Let’s learn together, do together, and make an impact together.

Make an Impact Contest

What is the contest?

Basically, the contest is to post a picture and story of how you made an impact in the environment on our Facebook page. What you do is up to you! The possibilities and creativity is endless! Check out all the ideas from our blog, Facebook, twitter, and pinterest.


The winner is chosen based on impact and creativity. Remember the smallest impact is still a positive one worth sharing and you might just win!


The prize is a cash donation to an organization of the winner's choice. The money goes directly to the organization under the winner's name. The prize money is donated by me, but I am accepting donations and sponsors to raise more money for the winner's prize. So far the prize is $50.

This contest is an easy way to make your organization some fun money!

Great for

  • Girl Scout Troops
  • Boy Scout Troops
  • School Clubs
  • Relay for Life teams (or other fundraising teams)
  • Any nonprofit organization

Contest Dates:

Begins: NOW!

Ends: 11:59 pm APRIL 30th

More information and rules here: Contest info

Donations and Sponsors

Are you a company, organization or individual who wants to sponsor the campaign or donate to the winner’s prize money?

Well you can! Click below to add $ to the winner’s prize. Or go to the donor's page to donate. Donate here!

I greatly appreciate your contribution and dedication to the cause! Your name or company will be added to our Donor List. You will receive email newsletter updates on how the campaign is going and a personalized Thank you letter from me.

(If you want to remain anonymous, you can say so in the Paypal message box or email me at

Check out the donor page: Here!