Abiotic & Biotic Factors

What It's Like In Tundra

Some animals hibernate or migrate. There isn't much trees in the tundra, since the soil is so thick with snow. The larges animal in the tundra is the polar bear. There are only 400 varieties of flowers in the tundra and 48 different animals. In the winter the temperatures are below -34°C and there are still animals living there.


How Humans Help & Harm This Biome.

Humans are harming the tundra by oil spill and over hunting animals. Also humans are trying to help the biome by saving the animals.


Cool Facts

Summer only last 2 months. The tundra covers a 20% of the Earth. Tundra means treeless plain in finnish. Tundra is the coldest biome and it's the driest. The soil have thick snow on them making it hard for plants to grow. In winter the temperatures are usually lower than -34° C.


Tundra Outline

The climate in tundra is cold in the -40s. When its summer, the temperature is 37 to 54 degrees fahrenheit. It rains 6 to 10 inches per year. None of the plants grow deep since the soil is covered in snow. Animals there have thick fur and fat to keep them warm and the birds mostly stay for winter.