MOOCs for web talent network

Startup Europe - Using MOOCs to foster web talent in Europe

Find here all you need to know about MOOCs for web talent. Part of Startup Europe. Supported by the European Commission since DG CONNECT.

Using MOOCs to foster web talent in Europe

The MOOCs for web talent network has been launched with the aim of connecting MOOC providers in order to foster the talent of ICT and web entrepreneurs, and create new jobs that benefit both the European economy and society as a whole.

The network has been created as part of Startup Europe, the European Commission action plan that aims to strengthen the business environment for web entrepreneurs in Europe.

Key Benefits of joining today

  • Interact with other MOOC providers and web entrepreneurs
  • Join discussions that help influence Europe’s policy makers
  • Enjoy speaking opportunities at events that address key industry issues
  • Gain valuable insights from other MOOC developers and web entrepreneurs
  • Access resources that help you develop your own MOOC
  • Receive information about the latest funding opportunities in the MOOC domain
  • Monitor the supply and demand of MOOCs related to web talent in Europe, giving you an academic insight and business advantage

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