March/ April Newsletter


Note from the Director

Dear Families, we are well and truly into the day to day business of the year! For your interest, I would like to scribe some notes about our activities over the past two months:

  • Orientation of families/ transition/ surveys/ feedback and follow up
  • Ensuring and planning for high utilisation
  • Kinder Room transitions to new plan and staffing
  • Continuous improvement plans/ goals for the year (Implementation)
  • Reflect/ review/ research and change practice (Linked to Quality Improvement Action plan)
  • Rostering of Educators considering consistency and maximum support for teams/ families
  • Individual development plans/ performance appraisals for all Educators
  • Planning/ attending professional development now and into the future
  • Planning for annual PD Day (11/7/2014)
  • Meeting with families regularly
  • Monthly room/ team meetings
  • Food safety audit
  • Maintenance/ safety issues
  • Parent/ teacher interviews (room leaders)
  • Supporting and reflecting on educational program/ Introducing change (Educational Leader)
  • Procuring equipment and resources
  • Planning for Working Bee

Please follow video link below, to gain an understanding of the National Quality Standard

Looking forward to keeping you updated as the year progresses!


Room/Group Name Change

We are excited to launch a new project in the upcoming weeks to change the names of the 3 rooms and the 2 kinder groups.

We have thrown around some ideas and have decided to use indigenous language groups.

We have contacted and asked for advice with the director of Indigenous Engagement at Monash. She has applauded us on our initiative to embrace the indigenous culture.

The rooms and groups will be named after the five language groups that make up the Kulin Nation. (More information at the link below)

We are in the process of consulting Elder-in-Residence, Aunty Diane Singh who is willing to come to our centre and talk with the children about the names and what they mean, etc.

We are very excited by this progress and would like to launch this within the next 4 weeks.

Please do not bring food into the centre!

We have recently found food in children's bags. Please be mindful of this as we have children at the centre with food allergies and anaphylaxis.

A snip it from our Allergy and Anaphylaxis Policy

  • Ensuring no food is brought into the Centre by families - in the case of specific dietary requirements, the Nutrition Leaders, Management and families will work in consultation to develop strategies to meet individual requirements which considering the safety and wellbeing of all children.
  • Ensuring no nuts or nut products are used or brought into the centre.

Click on the link below for more information about Allergy and Anaphylaxis

2014 Early Years Strategic Plan launched (DEECD)

Calendar of Events:

  • Mothers' Day Events (as outlined below)
  • Centre Closure over Easter (18/4 - 22/4)
  • Centre Closure: Anzac Day (25/4)
  • Prof dev session with Jo Lange for Educators (23/4)
  • Committee Meeting: 28/4
  • Yoga: 15/4; 24/4; 28/4;9/5;12/5
  • All the dooh da day (Music and Movement): 29/4; 8/5; 13/5
  • Centre Tour: 17/4
  • Annual Professional Development Day:Friday 11/7