Ways To Save Money Dollars

By liseth Quechulpa

Plan-Saving Money

Their are many different ways to save money for example buying things that are cheaper is an easy way to save money.Pick good stores that will help you save money.Make a list of what your going to buy so you would know what too buy and make sure to check the cheapest price for the items your going to buy.

Is it hard?

saving money can be hard to many people.Although knowing how to have self control you most limit your spending less what you make on your job/career.Hating to budget is a hard way to save money.Try to save money because one day you may need it and also make sure not to spend a big amount on things that you really don't need

Examples on how to save money?

  • save a percent of money
  • treat savings as bill
  • Give yourself a savings raise
  • Record on how much you spend
  • make goals on whats best for you

Ask Yourself?

Why should i save money?

why is saving money so important?

Do i really need so save money for a reason?