Activity Newsletter

Farm Animals

Unit for the Month of December

This lesson will be based off of the topic farm animals. As an educator I wanted to inform you that there will be many hands on activities such as making butter, and teaching them to milk a cow. During this lesson I planned on incorporating math,science, and social study skills through the use of farm animals. If you have any issues with this lesson in regards to your child you could email me at: or call me (860) 584-7876 Ext.129

Planned activities for this unit

  • The children will be making masks out of paper plates, crayons, glue, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners. once they've completed their masks they will get into groups according to there farm animal and count how many of that animal are in their group. This will work on their math skills.
  • To incorporate hands on activities I will teach the children what noises each animal makes along with the abilities they have such as cows making milk or sheep making wool, this will teach them about the science of the farm animals. For snack time once each kid identifies a correct animal noise they will get to help make butter. I will use heavy cream and a dash of salt and the children will each take a turn shaking the container.

Possible activities may include:

To incorporate a social studies aspect in this unit I will teach the children why all the animals are important to the farm and their capabilities. I will be placing place mats in a circle

in the center of the room, to play a form of musical chairs,that include farm animals as well as animals that are not. This will help them identify farm animals. When the music stops the children will have today why each of the farm animals they land on are important to the farm]


  • tissues
  • paper towels
  • their smiles and a positive attitude