A Look Ahead

Classical Conversations at New Hope

A Note from your Director . . .

What a week! From a blizzard to the awful news about Amy B.'s husband, it was definitely a crazy week. The tutors and I are working on helping Amy and her family and will be in touch. Several of you have offered to help and I appreciate it. We may be calling on you soon. Please keep Amy and her family in your prayers. Jeremy's surgery went well and they are headed home today.

On that note, Amy Copley will be taking over Mrs. Brown's class for the remainder of the year.

We are a go for CC this week. Mrs. Whittington has confirmed that the parking lot at New Hope has been cleared and our families that live furthest out have confirmed that they can get there this week, pending any weather changes.

Week 15 Notes - UPDATED:

* Our make-up day will be April 19th which has us ending one week later than originally planned. If we have another snow day we will have to do that make-up day during our break the week of Easter.

* Jill Colf is bringing cupcakes and ice cream for Jason's birthday this week. She is planning "gluten-free/sugar-free/organic dairy cupcakes" for children with diet restrictions.

* February 9th I was thinking of letting the kids do a valentine exchange at lunch. Please have them bring valentines for their class mates. If you'd like to do cards for the whole campus that is fine but please don't feel obligated beyond your children's classes. Please keep it simple and please be mindful of food allergies (meaning non-food valentines are best).

* End of year program - Mark your calendars for Friday, April 22nd at 6:30. Invite friends and grandparents!

* Art/Nursery Fees due now

* Parent meeting - please read and respond to email sent 1/14/16.

* Start thinking about next year! See email sent on 1/7/16 about registration.

Register by February 9th (paperwork and fee) and be entered into a drawing for "Teaching from Rest" and a Starbucks card!

Just for fun:

Don't forget Tuesday is Groundhog Day! Not that I believe it for a minute but it is fun to talk to your children about the history behind such a day. It's interesting!

Blessings, Jennifer