The Premier League Annual Update

Logan Skinner

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Table of Contents

-What Is The Premier League-

-Premier League Football Clubs-

-Breaking News-

-League Standings After Today's Final Fixtures-

-Manchester United Official Club History-

-Manchester United Club Roster-

-Chelsea FC-

-The Top Twenty Most Valuable Football Clubs In The World-

-Highest Paid Football Players-

-Last Weeks Web Survey and Results-

-Work Cited-

What Is The Premier League?

Winning the premier league title is one of the most exciting stages in the world, but you do not even have to take first place to have the chance to compete on what the world calls "the minor league wold cup". Top four winners receive the opportunity to play in the UEFA Champions League (also known as the European cup) which is a tournament across Europe with all of the elite European teams. There is no playoff system to determine the winner, unless two (or more) teams finish at the top with exactly the same number of points, goal differential or goals scored. The team to win the most game and receive the most points at the end of their Thirty-Eight game season, will then be crowned victor!

Not like most sports the EPL (English Premier League) is a privilege, not a right. Once a team locks themselves into the premier league, the games only begin to start. Teams must individually battle it out game by game for a spot in the league.

Not every team in the league is of European culture. Not every player in any league is of that nationality.

Not only do they have the chance to compete in the EPL, and the UEFA, teams also run for the ranking on the FA cup. It is the oldest cup, establishing way back in 1871. Seven Hundred and Thirty-Six teams compete in a random drawing to see who they will battle it out against, it simply being a knockout stage makes it a lot more pressure for teams and players.

"10 Things You Should Know About the English Premier League | BBC America." BBC America. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 May 2016.

Premier League Football Clubs

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AFC Bournemouth




Crystal Palace


Leicester City


Manchester City

Manchester United

Newcastle United

Norwick City


Stoke City


Swansea City

Tottenham Hotspur


West Bromwich Albion

West Ham United


Against All Odds Leicester City Named League Champions

Odds of Leicester City winning their League Five Thousand : One

Those odds did not worry the football players from Leicester City in the beginning of their season. On behalf of the Barclays Premier League, we proudly congratulate Leicester City for bringing home the Barclays Premier League trophy for the first time in club history!!! Leicester City took home the trophy after an exhilarating Three-One win against Everton at their home stadium, King Power Home Stadium in Leicester, United Kingdom. Leicester City took home the win after their closest rivals in Tottenham Hotspur battled Chelsea to an exhausting Two-Two tie which bumped Leicester City into the top position of the league over Tottenham Hotspur by Ten league points.

BELOW: The picture below displays the Leicester City football players hoisting their trophy after their 3-1 win over Everton. ("Leicester City Celebrate with Premier League Trophy Party." BBC News. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 May 2016.)

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League Standings After Today's Final Fixtures

("Barclays Premier League Football News, Fixtures, Scores & Results."Barclays Premier League Football News, Fixtures, Scores & Results. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 May 2016.)

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Manchester United Official Club History

Manchester United is the professional football club hailing from Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, England. The club was founded under an alter ego, Newton Health LYR F.C. and operated under this league name for over one hundred years until later the club changed their name to Manchester United in 1902 which it remains today. Manchester United showcases twenty league titles, which it the highest in the English Club, eleven FA Cups, four League Cups, and has a high record of twenty FA Community Shields. Manchester United also has won three Eurpoean Cups, one UEFA (The Union of European Football Associations) Cup Winner's Cup, one UEFA Super Cup, an International Cup, and finally one FIFA (Federal International Football Association) Cup win. One major club achievement came in the year 1998-1999 where the club had the honors of winning the rights to the FA Cup and the UEFA Champions. This highly decorated English Football Club continues to win game after game and had the honors to play against Real Madrid in 2014 hosted at the very own University of Michigan Big House in August of 2014 taking home the win by two goals. (Manchester United - Three | Real Madrid - One)
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Manchester United Club Roster

#1 - De Gea | Keeper

#20 - Romero | Keeper

#40 - DInis Castro Pereira | Keeper

#50 - Johnstone | Keeper

#4 - Jones | Defender

#5 - Rojo | Defender

#12 - Smalling | Defender

#17 - Blind | Defender

#23 - Shaw | Defender

#30 - Varela | Defender

#33 - McNair | Defender

#36 - Darmian | Defender

#37 - Love | Defender

#38 - Tuanzebe | Defender

#43 - Borthwick-Jackson | Defender

#51 - Fosu-Mensah | Defender

#8 - Mata | Midfielder

#11 - Januzaj | Midfielder

#16 - Carrick | Midfielder

#18 - Young | Midfielder

#21 - Herrera | Midfielder

#25 - Valencia | Midfielder

#27 - Fellaini | Midfielder

#28 - Schneiderlin | Midfielder

#31 - Schweinsteiger | Midfielder

#35 - Lingard | Midfielder

#41 - Poole | Midfielder

#44 - Pereira | Midfielder

#45 - Goss | Midfielder

#46 - Rothwell | Midfielder

#47 - Weir | Midfielder

#49 - Riley | Midfielder

#7 - Memphis | Forward

#9 - Martial | Forward

#10 - Rooney | Forward

#39 - Rashford | Forward

#48 - Keane | Forward

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Chelsea FC

Another highly decorated Barclays Premier League Football Club is the football club from Fulham, London. Forbes magazine ranked Chelsea among the Top Ten Most Valuable Football Clubs in the entire world. Behind Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Bayren Munich, Arsenal, and Manchester City, Chelsea falls into the rankings as the seventh most valuable football club. Chelsea FC was founded in 1905 where the football club's stomping grounds began and remains in Stamford Bridge. Chelsea's highly decorated winning history began to become prominent in the year 1955 where they won their first league championship. Chelsea displays five national titles, seven FA Cups, five League Cups, four FA Community Shields, one UEFA Champions League, two UEFA Cup Winner's Cup, one UEFA Europa League, and one UEFA Super Cup, Chelsea has earned one of the greatest accomplishments that only few European Leagues can attest to. Chelsea is the only football club in London to win the UEFA Champions League, they are only one of four other clubs, and the only British club to have won all three main UEFA club competitions. Although Chelsea did in fact have early success within their football club their greatest success has come in the past two decades where they have won seventeen major trophies!

Top 20 Most Valuable Football Clubs in The World

Forbes 2016 Top 20 Most Valuable Clubs

In 2016 Forbes Magazine released their rankings of the Twenty richest football clubs in the world based on US Dollars.

#1 Real Madrid - $3.65 billion

#2 Barcelona $3.56 billion

#3 Manchester United $3.32 billion

#4 Bayern Munich $2.68 billion

#5 Arsenal $2.02 billion

#6 Manchester City $1.92 billion

#7 Chelsea $1.66 billion

#8 Liverpool $1.55 billion

#9 Juventus $1.30 billion

#10 Tottenham Hotspurs $1.02 billion

#11 Borussia Dortmund $836 million

#12 Milan $825 million

#13 Paris Saint-German $814 million

#14 Shalke 04 $655 million

#15 Atletico Madrid $633 million

#16 Inter Milan $559 million

#17 West Ham United $542 million

#18 AS Roma $508 million

#19 Napoli $396 million

#20 Newcastle United $383 million

("The Business of Soccer." Forbes. Forbes Magazine, n.d. Web. 12 May 2016.)

Highest Paid Football Players

Top Fifteenth Highest Paid Players In The World (2015-2016 Season)

#1 Cristaino Ronaldo (Real Madrid) $16.9 million

#2 Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona) $16.3 million

#3 Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) $14.6 million

#4 Zlatan Ibrahimovic (PSG) $14.6 million

#5 Yaya Toure (Manchester City) $13.4 million

#6 Sergio Aguero (Manchester City) $13.4 million

#7 Asomoah Gyan (Shanghai SIPG) $13.3 million

#8 Neymar (Barcelona) $12.8 million

#9 David Silva (Manchester City) $12.3 million

#10 Luis Suarez (Barcelona) $12 million

$11 Gareth Bale (Real Madrid) $11.3 million

$12 David De Gea (Manchester United) $11.3 million

#13 Bastian Schweinsteiger (Manchester United) $11.3 million

#14 Thiago Silva (PSG) $10.8 million

#15 Eden Hazard (Chelsea) $11.3 million

("Top 15 Highest Paid Footballers In The World (2016)." TOTAL SPORTEK. N.p., 08 Dec. 2015. Web. 15 May 2016.)

Last Week's Web Survey

QUESTION ONE: Have you every played soccer?

Critics for this survey question were able to respond with a yes or no, more than seventy-five percent of respondents actually have played soccer at some point in their life. This question was designed to achieve background information regarding the survey pool whether they had strong knowledge regarding the sport or not.
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QUESTION TWO: Have you ever heard of the Premier League?

Critics for the second survey question were able to again respond with a yes or no, although many respondents did in fact say they have played soccer the skew of this question's results were about fifty:fifty whether they had heard of this league before or not. Since this article is based upon the entire Premier League we wanted to see which respondents knew of this league since it is based outside of the United States.
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QUESTION THREE: Which clubs are members of the Premier League?

Critics for the third survey question were asked to identify the specific clubs that were members of the Premier League. The majority of the respondents were able to identify the correct three clubs: Manchester United, Chelsea, and Arsenal. The addition of the United States was thrown in to see if respondents knew that the US was actually a member the MLS (Major League Soccer). More than seventy-five percent of respondents knew Manchester United was a member but the percentage of respondents who knew Chelsea and Arsenal were also members was around seventy percemnt.
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QUESTION FOUR: Of the following, which team would you pick as your favorite?

Critics were able to choose their favorite team from the following: Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Real Madrid, and Barcelona. Forty-Five percent of respondents chose Manchester United as their favorite team while zero respondents claimed their favorite team to be Arsenal. This question was designed to see which team we should feature the greatest article in our next issue.
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QUESTION FIVE: Have you ever attended a professional soccer game?

Last but not least, the final question from the web survey was polling whether or not respondents had ever attended a professional soccer game. The results showed only one out of twenty respondents had actually attended a professional soccer game. The fact that football, or better known as soccer in the US, is not their most nationally watched sport so this question was designed to see just how many actually has had the privilege of attending what is sought as the world's most popular sporting event.
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