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by MAsT: International, Winter, 2019, 3rd Edition

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MAsT: Greater Detroit

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Our AGM (Annual General Meeting), will be held at South Plains LeatherFest: Home of the International Master/slave contest! It will be on Sunday, March 10th - directly after the Keynote Speech. Everyone is invited to attend, members or not. So, feel free to bring a friend!

We will have our business meeting and then hold our traditional Round Table Discussions. This is your chance to give feedback to the Board.

The Presenter of the Year Award is given out at this meeting.

We take nominations all year long! Click here to enter a nomination.

Parade of MAsT Chapters

The Producers of South Plains have also honored MAsT by organizing the Parade of MAsT Chapters. Each Chapter that is present can introduce themselves from the stage. If you have a MAsT patch, vest or banner, please bring for the display!

South Plains also appreciates the support of the MAsT Chapters.

They offer sponsorships if a chapter is interested.

Please visit the South Plains Leatherfest site for more information and to register!

Online registration ends March 2 and rooms must be booked by February 21st!

Go to http://www.southplainsleatherfest.com/

Regional MAsT Happenings!

Southwest Region: SouthwestLeather Conference 2019 happened in January where the Southwest Regional MAsT meeting occurred! For more information on it, click here!

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This Month's Spotlight is on . . .

Master T’Hayla and gillian of Canada's MAsT: Toronto

Member Spotlight Questions:

How many years have you been in a power exchange relationship?

We have had the joy of exchanging power for 10 years full time 24/7 and prior to moving in together full time we had been seriously exploring power exchange for 5 years prior to that.

How long have you been a MAsT member? What are your role(s) in MAsT?

We were members of the now defunct MAsT: Guelph Chapter. When that Chapter closed it didn’t take us long to decide we wanted to bring MAsT back to our community and we decided to open MAsT: Toronto – which was in 2013. This will be our 6th anniversary for MAsT: Toronto.

Gillian and I are co-directors of MAsT: Toronto. I am also the MAsT: International Canadian Regional Representative which has been extremely exciting.

What benefits have you found being a member of MAsT?

Prior to starting our chapter Gillian had the privilege of having a lengthy discussion with Master David Cook about what running a MAsT Chapter entailed. He gave Gillian a very real account of the responsibilities and joys that could be found as chapter directors, and he wasn’t wrong.

Being a member of MAsT has really given us a sense of connection to a much larger community.

That first time we decided to drive out of Toronto to go to the MAsT: Guelph chapter it took a real sense of adventure and courage to dive into extreme rush hour traffic to drive 2+ hours get to a 2-hour meeting with people we didn’t even know. (Did you know the 401 Highway in Toronto is the largest highway in North America?! Larger than the LA highways) The journeys and the traffic were worth it and we found a sense of community we are still connected to.

We have had the privilege of traveling extensively in the USA and have met so many people, specifically because we have that initial common ground of all being members of MAsT: International.

Being able to log on to the MAsT website and see what all of the other Chapters are talking about and exploring has been insightful and useful.

Our chapter has given us a real sense of joy when we see our members move from just being people at a meeting together to forging real friendships.

What are some of the highlights in your power exchange journey?

Gillian and I waited a long time to be able to move to 24/7 power exchange and when we were finally able to share that space it was like coming home.

Our power exchange has held us strong through some big life and career changes – it has been the constant through the turbulence.

As Canadians, we are very fortunate to be two women who are able to be legally married. When we decided to add that layer of public acknowledgement to our power exchange we were blessed to have a minister who was completely aware of our M/s and found gentle ways to help us weave it into our vows and the readings at our wedding ceremony. The people who attended our wedding were from every corner of our lives. When they heard our vows it was possible for them to hear our power exchange loud and clear or to hear a deep and joyful loving commitment to one another. It was wonderful to be fully present with our power exchange but not have to “frighten” any of the villagers!

Attending Master slave Conference has been a touchstone for us each year to reconnect with all of our dear friends and family as well as to immerse ourselves in an atmosphere of open acceptance. MsC has been one of many conferences where MAsT members can find extended family.

Coming out into her slavery, Gillian believes that she could have had a different experience in the broader community had she not been fortunate enough to be a slave – and, in her words, my owned slave. Being owned and loved within a committed power exchange has made her feel protected and quite lucky.

I know owning Gillian has been not just the highlight of my power exchange journey but also of my life.

What’s a low moment in your power exchange journey and how did you recover or what did you learn from it?

A few years ago, when life threw us a challenge with Gillian’s disability it turned some of our future plans on their head and made for some tough decisions and several financially lean moments. As it is for anybody, those kinds of disruptions can lead to frustration, upset and even anger.

We had a few moments where we let those challenges try to trip us up. Yet when the emotions rose and the times were challenging we always found ourselves standing eye to eye (or knee level to eye!) talking about what really matters – us, our power exchange and our love.

I think in truth nothing can actually get in our way – together we are so much stronger than anything the universe can throw at us.

What’s an interesting fact about you that most people don’t know?

For Gillian, I think people might not know that she was an executive team member at a major telecommunications company. She also trained guide dogs. Those two things are not related. Much.

For me, T’Hayla, people might not know that I am actually quite approachable and not as scary as some people seem to think. I really am the kindest sadist you will ever meet. I also have a crippling love of vintage sports cars (which I hope to sate again soon!)

For both of us, the most unusual thing to know about us is that we actually met in choir – not in a dark corner of some hot leather bar – but as members of a Gay & Lesbian choir.

Do you have any advice for people new to power exchange relationships or new chapter directors?

New to power exchange – take your time! Enjoy the journey and value yourself. Rushing just means you are rushing over something that doesn’t happen every day.

New to Chapter Directors

1. Stay the course, even when people pressure you to shift and adjust to what they think your chapter should be – stay true to your vision.

2. If you average out the ups and downs, the ups will outweigh any downs there could possibly be.

3. MAsT: International is right behind you looking to be supportive in any way they can – you are not out there by yourself – your MAsT Family is right there with you.

What’s your favorite quote and why?

“Guilt is a pointless form of self-abuse.”

“Dark times lie ahead of us and there will be a time when we must choose between what is easy and what is right.”

Anything else you’d like to add?

Never eat anything bigger than your head!


It doesn’t matter which side of the slash you favour – you are beautiful and powerful.

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Your MAsT: International Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Ms Suzan

Director of Operations: Liza
Secretary: slave passion
Financial Officer: Master John
Regional Representative Director: Master Sindarian
Assistant Regional Representative Director: [vacant]
Membership Director: Master Michael
Assistant Membership Director: Master Rodin
Marketing Director: Master Bill
Education Director: koneko
IT Director/Webmaster: Master Paul

Welcome Master Rodin!

We want to welcome our newest board member, Master Rodin!

He is our new Assistant Membership Director!

Your Regional Representatives for 2019

Australia and New Zealand: slave kim & Master Joe (Regional Representative Emeritus)

Canada: Master T'Hayla
Caribbean: [Vacant]
Central America: [Vacant]
Great Lakes: arcane & slave lyon
Northeast: Master Dante & Lady Ningal
Northwest: slave candice

Oceanic: [Vacant]
South America: [Vacant]
Southeast: Vile
Southwest: Señor Jaime & Lady Morgan

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