Queen of Heaven and Ruler of all Gods

Heras Symbols and Meanings

  • Protector of Women marriages and childbirth
  • She is usually represented as a majestic figure, fully draped, crowned with a wreath or diadem, and carrying a scepter.
  • she is associated with the pomegranate, symbol of marital love and fruitfulness
  • a peacock because its a symbol of beauty and royalty
  • The cow is one of Hera's symbol. It is a motherly animal, and Hera is the goddess of motherhood
  • and sometimes a scorpion because of her jealousy
  • alternate name Juno
  • she is also linked to the moon and the month of June because June—was considered the most favorable time of the year for weddings

About her

  • There is many stories that tell about her child hood
  • She is Zeus sister along with the main gods
  • She was tricked into marring Zeus
  • She never let Zeus walk over her even though she would be punished and that's why most myths are about her jealousy
  • One of the most famous is one about her trying to kill her "son " Heracles
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Hera - The Greek Goddess


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