encino times

encino park staff month



Kinder Letter Parade is coming up hope you enjoy and we know they will do great!!!!!!!!

1st grade

Get ready for 1st grade reading restaurant parents are going to have so much fun there!!!!!

Also get ready for 1st grade picnic going to recess for a hour wow that is amazing have fun and we will see you there.

!st grade Eagle Expectations are coming up!

2nd grade

2nd grade picnic is coming up hope you enjoy

Also Eagle Expectations is coming get ready

3rd Grade

3rd grade field trip are going to the seven missions hope you have fun

Also Eagle Expectations are coming get ready

3rd grade picnic is coming get ready for lots of fun!!!!

4th grade

Are you happy for field trip to Austin?you better hope you have fun and have a great time there!!!!!!

Also the 4th grade picnic is coming in May24th!!!

Eagles Expectations are coming up

5th Grade

5TH Grade pool party is coming get ready to get wet

Also there is picnic have fun with a hour of whatever !!!

So happy you are going in to 5th grade you better be because you get to visit Tejeda

Book Fair

Get ready for book fair on May 3rd.Have a fun time at book fair and have great day!!

Teacher Apperciation week

Come on students lets hurry up for Teacher Apperciation week . Get your drinks,flowers,cards,and gift cards out for teacher week!!!!!!!:)


Staar is coming! 3rd-5th take your time and do your best remember to use those strategies your teachers have taught you!

An Incounter With Coach



Come back choir team to sing dream for 5th grade hope you enjoy.

Loin king is coming get ready to let the cast blow you away. Hope you enjoy the show!!!

Field day

Are you ready for filed day?You better be.we are going to have a healthy/fun day hope you have fun