The Stuff in your Salt

Basic Information

The element I with an atomic number of 53. It has an atomic mass of 126g. It is in the halogen group of 17 and a period of 5


Iodine was founded by Barnard Coutois in France in 1811. The word Iodine comes from the Greek word Iodes which means violet.


Iodine is used in table salt, because in humans lack of iodine is called goitre, but now it is uncommon because of the iodine in table salt.


Iodine is a very dark purple or a dark bluish, and very lustrous. it's melting point is 236.66 °F.


It is a necessary nutrient in the human diet. It is also known as the densest element in the human diet.


Iodine is almost never found in nature as a free element, the iodine mineral is very rare.


Iodine is solid non-metal.

Interesting Facts

Some Iodine is extracted from seaweed.