by: Lauren Dulin

Romulus, who was the first king of Rome, was the greatest king

It all started when Amulius became the king of Alba Longa, instead of Numitor. He then made Rhea Silvia, who was Numitor's daughter become a vestal virgin, so she would bear no children who later would rule Alba Longa. Little did he know that she would have twins by the god Mars. Amulius then put Rhea Silvia in prison, and placed the twins in baskets and sent them up the Tiber River. After they safely floated ashore, a she-wolf took them in and raised them. When the boys grew up they figured out their true identity, and killed Amulius restoring Numitor to the throne. Then the boys decided that they wanted to start their own city, which is what we know to be Rome. In the end, Romulus ended up killing his brother Remus, because Remus had made fun of the wall he was building. After Romulus built the city, he then populated it with Sabine wives for his men. Then he created a senate, military and a judiciary for Rome. After Romulus' long rein, from 753-717 B.C., he disappeared in a thunderstorm. People then worshiped his as a god. (his name was Quirinus)

Images of Romulus

Overall, What Did Romulus Do?

  • Killed his brother Remus
  • After his grandfather died, he took over Alba Longa
  • Romulus was the first king and founder of Rome
  • Overall he ruled Rome for 37 years
  • He created the senate, military, and judiciary for Rome