Diary of Anne frank


Diary of Anne Frank

In the Diary of Anne Frank, the theme is "hope can carry you through life's hardest storms",it's seen through-out the play and the book.Mrs.Van daan shows hope by

Praying because when you pray you are hoping that what you ask is going to come true.Anne also shows hope by always being positive and it helps everyone else be positive as well.

The Frank's had many times during their stay in the annex.Anne is positive all the time and she's loud, but inside she wishes she was Margot scince she is so perfect and their parents like Margot more.Anne wants to be a writer when she grows up, but for now she writes in a journal about her life and what's happening around her,and things she dosent want to say out loud, she does it for practice, even when they go into hiding.Anne is really good at writing,she will be an excellent writer.

Holt,Rinehart, and Winstin,2008,Austin, 369-435 the book

Another theme is Holocaust,

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