Factory life

Life in factories

The factory's in the 1800s

Working in the factories in the 1800s was a tuff job because they had bad conditions to work. The factories had kids also working for 12 hours each day depending on your age. there was also low payment and would be an average payment of about 35 cents.health was awful because people would get sick alot and the sickness would spread alot.the safety for the workers was bad because nothing could be done to prevent accidents from happening,only improvments on the equipment.

Supporting women's rights

Supporting the ladies

we should have women to our meets because they could help the men by whatever they want or need.they could also be a huge factor when the men go to war because the ladies could help with food and or water or anything really.ladies could have a huge factor in town meetings or anything because they can come up with good ideas and they could stop the men from argueing over a dumb answer.