Grasslands are located in the United States, Chile, New Jersey, California, and Kansas. And exact location is Bashang Grasslands in China.


Latitude: 41.599895000000000000

Longitude: 115. 980751000000050000

Average amount of daylight is 11 hours during the day and 13 hours at night.

The temperature in the summer is usually 70 degrees in the summer. At an extreme it can get down to -40 degrees in the winter. In the summer it is sunny a lot.

Plant Life:

They're many different plants in Grasslands. For example, Buffalo grass, Blue grama grass, Pond pine, Fringetree, Meadowsweet, Silky dogwood, and gum Arabic.

Animal Life:

There are a lot of animals in Grasslands. There is hawks, zebras, butterflies, horses, grasshoppers, snakes, bobcats, tigers, rabbits, and leopards.

Things to do in Grassland:

There is safaris and lodges. Which provides good income because of hotels and lodges.