Tuesday's Tech Tips

March 3, 2015

Using Google Calendar to Create and Share Lesson Plans with Documents and Resources

The video below shows how you can use Google Calendar to create and share lesson plans with documents and resources attached. You may need to watch it at home during the on-line testing dates since we have streaming media turned off on those days.
Using Google Calendar to Lesson Plan
Learn More About Using Google Calendar

Become a Calendar power user. This training site by Google is targeted to educators and will quickly get you up and running with some ninja productivity skills using the Calendar app.

Free E-Book Collections for Young Readers by Matt Gomez

These Symbaloo boards make perfect centers for our kids. Matt has already collected these free resources and linked them in Symbaloo boards. They are easy to navigate and great for young readers. You can set these up in a center and let your students explore. Click on the button to find out more.
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Guess what!?! We're not obsolete yet! Lol! Teachers are experts in pedagogy and content. Just because students can send funny pictures of the black and blue dress (or white and gold) doesn't mean they know how to learn. They still need us. I haven't met a computer program yet that can adequately replace a great teacher.
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Get this Awesome Google Docs Cheat Sheet by Kasey Bell

Click to download or save to your Google Drive.

Click Here for YouTube Downloading Resources

Forget about the whole YouTube being blocked for on-line testing business? No worries, click this button to get the dates and resources to help you download your videos from home.

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Campus Technology Surveys

Your principals should be giving you links and information about filling out this year's campus technology survey. Your input is critical to helping us improve technology services to support what you do in the classroom for our kids every day! Last year's survey reported that Internet reliability was a huge concern. That data helped us to target infrastructure upgrades that will make things much, much better.

Using Symbaloo Edu

SymbalooEDU Introduction

What is Symbaloo?

Simply put, Symbaloo is a visual bulletin board that organizes bookmarks or web URLs. Highly visual, Symbaloo boards are super easy to make. Great for using in centers or as part of the Daily 5. (Think Symbaloo + iPad w/ Guided Access turned on.) Keep your kids from scattering across the web like quail being chased by Will Hooper!
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Padlet = Quick & Easy Digital Collaborative Space for Your Class

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