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How to Access CCDS Online Learning Resources

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Accessing OneClay Online Learning Resources

Using OneClay Online Resources:

  1. Make sure that your student has a device to access their online learning environment.
  2. Make sure that your student can login to Google Chrome. CCDS applications work best on the Google Chrome browser. Click on the buttons and video below for directions on signing in to Google Chrome.
  3. Make sure that your student can login to the OneClay Portal. All approved online learning applications will be accessible via the student's OneClay Portal. See below for step by step directions.
  4. In the OneClay Portal--Click on the Google Apps window and then the Gmail tile. This will open your student's Gmail account. You will want to regularly check your student's Gmail to ensure you are receiving important emails from your student's teacher(s) regarding online learning.
  5. In the OneClay Portal--Click on the Google Apps window and then the Classroom tile to access your student's Google Classroom. Your child's teacher may have already set that up and be posting announcements.
  6. In the OneClay Portal--Click on tiles like i-Ready, Achieve3000, and My Backpack to access additional learning resources.
  7. If you know your contact information has changed recently, please contact your school to update your contact information in FOCUS. This will make it easier for your student's teacher to contact you.
  8. If your student attends a charter school, please contact your student's school directly for information specific to their processes.

**Student passwords have not been reset yet. You can still login with the same username (student #) and password that you used last year/over the summer. If your student does not know his/her username and password to login to the OneClay Portal, please contact your child's homeroom/first period teacher. Student schedules and teacher names can be found in the Focus Parent Portal.

We know this is a new experience for everyone. We are all in this together! We are #OneClay!!

Directions For Accessing the OneClay Portal

Accessing CCDS Online Applications From Home

Login to the Device

  1. Make sure the device is turned on.

  2. Login.

Launch and Sign In to Google Chrome

  1. Launch the Google Chrome web browser. Click here for download instructions if Chrome is not installed on your device.

  2. Make sure that you are signed in to your Clay County District Schools Google Account. Click here for directions on how to add your account or switch to your account. **This step is done automatically for students at school, so they are not familiar with this process. It is an important step to make sure single sign on in the One Clay Portal functions correctly.

Login to the OneClay Portal

  1. Use the Google Chrome browser to go to the OneClay Portal.

  2. Type in in the address bar (omnibox).

  3. Type in your network username.

  4. Type in your network password.

  5. Click Sign In.

  6. You will now see your OneClay Portal Desktop.

  7. Click on the application you want to use for it to open.

*If something is not working, try clearing your cache. Click here for directions on how to clear your Chrome data.

**If that does not work, try turning your device off, waiting 10 seconds, and turning it back on again to reboot the system.

***If you need additional assistance please contact your child's teacher.

OneClay Portal Overview

CCDS utilizes the OneClay Portal to provide single sign on access to our staff and students for online applications. Students and staff will enter their username and password one time to login to the portal and then will simply click on the icon of the app they wish to use for it to open automatically. The OneClay Portal provides access to applications for productivity, as well as digital learning based on the student's school, grade level, and schedule.

Core and Supplemental Resources for Online Learning

Many of our textbooks have digital versions that are available to students with enhanced digital items. Students can access those resources through the My ClassLinks - Student tile. Students in select grades also have online access to digital instruction through i-Ready and Achieve3000.

  • My Backpack: Online versions of textbooks with enhanced digital items

  • i-Ready: K-8 Math Resources; K-6 Reading Resources

  • Achieve3000: 4-10 Reading Resources

Google Apps for Education

G Suite is Clay County District School’s Productivity System and allows students to create, collaborate, and organize their digital artifacts. Make sure your student is signed in to Chrome for Google products to open easily. GSuite for Education includes the following:

  • Google Classroom: Allows teachers to deliver online content to students

  • Drive: Online, Collaborative Storage for all file types (documents, photos, presentations, spreadsheets, etc.)

  • Gmail: Email System

  • Google Calendar: Calendar System

  • Google Docs, Slides, Sheets: Collaborative applications to create digital artifacts

  • YouTube: Watch online videos


Focus is Clay County District School’s Student Information System. Focus allows staff to record student information such as grades, test history, attendance, schedules, discipline, and demographic data. Students and Parents have their own Focus accounts in order to monitor progress and communicate with staff.

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OneClay Portal

Click here to go to the OneClay Portal.

Google Classroom Information

Click here for important information on how to use Google Classroom for CCDS Parents and Students.

Sign in to Google Chrome

Allowing for Multiple Users in Chrome
Installing Google Chrome

Click here for download instructions if Chrome is not installed on your device.

Adding or Switching Your Google Account

Click here for directions on how to add your account or switch to your account.

Clear Chrome Cache

Click here for directions on how to clear your Chrome data.