Romeo an Juliet

Character: Juliet

Theme: People should think about their decisions before making them .

Act 2, Scene 6

This theme can be located in the play when it reads "Come,come with me , and will make short shall not stay alone till Holly Church incorporate two in one ." (Pg.1042. lines 37-40).In this section of the play Frair Laurence , is telling Romeo and Juliet that he will marry them soon . Juliet has decided to marry Romeo almost after they just recently met, which causes many other events to accur such as her cousins death and problems in between their families if they found out. This evuantually leads to Romeos death .

Act 3 , Scene 1

The play also shows this theme when it presents "staying for thine to keep company .Either thou or I,or both,must go with him...This shall determine that. [ They fight. Tybalt falls] ( Pg.1048 . lines 135-140)". This is showing how Romeo got mad at Tybalt for killing Mercutio and wants revenge. Because he killed Tybalt , he was banished and sent away from Juliet . His decisions casued him to move away from Juliet and they couldnt see each other any more.This affected both Romeo and Juliet, for they made other decisions to try to be together that caused both of them to die.

Act 4,Scene3

One of those decisions in attempting to be together can be found in the play when it states "Romeo, I come ! This I drink to thee. [She drinks and falls upon her bed within the curtain]"(Pg. 1079. Lines 54-60).In this one can see that Juliet is wanting to drink a potion that Frair laurence give her , so she can reunite with Romeo. Because she drank , and not waited or thought of another solution, she appears to be dead which causes Romeo to believe she really is and kills himself. Her decision caused her husband to die, when she only just wanted to be with him

Act 5 , Scene 3

One last example of this in the play towards the end of the play . The play reads " Here is to my love! [Drinks] o true apothecary! Thy drugs are quick, Thus with a kiss i die[Falls]" (Pg. 1096, Lines. 122-125).This shows Romeos last words before he kills himself for he really thought Juliet was dead . Romeo could have decided not to kill himself or wait a little longer because Juliet wakes up not long after. He could have been with her and how he killed him self , Juliet wakes up, sees him and kills herself as well . This is an example of how one should really think about their decisions before making them.