My Research

by Luke Devereau


  • I like anime because it's funny and entertaining to watch. I also like all the different styles of animation they use and the different culture. It originates from Japan.

My Research Question

How will watching anime Improve how you view life?

Books Available at Babylon Jr. Sr. High School (related topic)

Title: Bleach

Author: Joe Yamazaki

call #: 001.942 RED

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  • I am a gamer. I play video games on both console and on computer. The first video game was made in 1947.

How will video games prepare you for life?

Title: Are Video games harmful?

Author: Hal Marcovitz

Call #: 794.8 Mar

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  • Space has been around since before the beginning of existence. It is unknown and has frightened man for thousands of years.

How will space exploration benefit mankind?

Title: True stories of space exploration conspiracies

Author: Nick Redfern

Call #: 001.942 RED

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