Annex Texas

Join the U.S.

Reasons why to join the U.S.

As a former TEXAN we should join the united states for very special purposes. they can pay off our debt and provide us military and navy protection so we don't have to worry about our debt. our army was scattered all around Texas and were weak.

Some doubts about joining the U.S.

It took 10 years before Texas finally joined the U.S. because many Texans wanted to stay and independent state and the rest wanted to join the U.S. . we had to persuade the rest of the Texans to why we should join the U.S. .We don't have to worry about mexico since the U.S. has established an army and a navy so our small Texan army can merge with the U.S. army.

annexation process 1836-1845

June, 1838: John Quincy Adams speaks against the annexation of Texas all morning, every morning in the U.S. House of Representatives.

October 12, 1838: Texas withdraws the offer of annexation because of the U.S. Congress' lack of action on the proposal.

January 23,1839: Texas Congress passes joint resolution approving of President Sam Houston's withdrawal of annexation proposal.

March 3, 1843: U.S. Senate passes a proposed commerce treaty with the Republic of Texas. However, the Senate's amendment of the original treaty terms causes the Texas Congress to reject the final version of the treaty.

June 15, 1843: Sam Houston issues proclamation declaring armistice between Mexico and Texas.

January, 1844: President Houston submits annexation question to Texas Congress, then instructs minister to the U.S. to resume annexation talks.

annexation process 1836-1845(continued)

April 11, 1844: An annexation treaty between the U.S. and Texas signed between the two diplomats.

June 8, 1844: U.S. Senate rejects the treaty, 35 to 16.

June 13, 1844: U.S. Senate votes to table the Benton Annexation Bill.

JANUARY 25, 1845: Joint Resolution to annex Texas passes the U.S. House of Representatives.

FEBRUARY 27, 1845: Joint Resolution, with amendments to be voted on by the House, passes U.S. Senate 27 to 25.

FEBRUARY 28, 1845: House adopts Senate version of the joint resolution to annex the Republic of Texas 132 to 76.

MARCH 1, 1845: President Tyler signs annexation resolution.

MARCH 3, 1845: Annexation offer sent to Texas president Anson Jones.

annexation process 1836-1845(continued)

MAY 19, 1845: Cuevas-Smith treaty between Mexico and Texas signed guaranteeing Texas independence so long as it remains a separate republic.

JUNE 16, 1845: Texas Congress meets in special session to consider both the proposed Mexican treaty and the annexation resolution from the U.S. Congress. U.S. offer accepted.

JULY 4, 1845:Convention meets to consider both the Mexican treaty and the U.S. annexation resolution. U.S. offer accepted by Convention.

OCTOBER 13, 1845: Annexation ordinance and state constitution submitted to the Texas voters for approval. (The vote tally on November 10, 1845, was 4,254 to 267 in favor of annexation; the total vote, compiled January 1, 1846, was 7,664 to 430 in favor of annexation.)

DECEMBER 16, 1845: U.S. House votes to annex Texas by Joint Resolution, 141 to 58, 21 abstaining.

DECEMBER 22, 1845: U.S. Senate approves joint resolution for the admission of Texas as a state 31 to 14, 7 abstaining.

DECEMBER 29, 1845:President Polk signs the Joint Resolution. Texas officially the 28th state on this date.