Quadratic Equations

Cesar Duran & Tayler Jasikiewicz

A Brief Description Of Quadratic Equation

Quadratic equations is a method of factoring equations.Many jobs use this method like Law enforcement,Engineering,Scientist,Management positions,Agriculture etc.So as you can see Quadratic Equations are important and you will learn how to solve them.


First Step:

Factor 4 to find two numbers that multiply together and equal 4 but when added together equal -4
Big image

Second Step:

Improvise the two numbers which are -2,-2 in the place where the -4x should be.
Big image

Third Step:

Place quotation marks to split up the one problem into two with parentheses so we can start to solve
Big image

Fourth Step:

Once you have broken up the problem put the expressions in the parenthesis into simpler equations
Big image

Fifth Step:

Break up the simple problem into two separate problems so you can keep funneling your problem down till you get your final answer
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Sixth Step:

Lastly solve for x in the parenthesis
Big image


As seen in the picture above you should get

x=2 & x=2

which would be