American Civil War Research

By Jason Golub

A Issue

One issue from the Northern Perspective is the debate over slaves and how they were being treated. The people who were against slavery were really angry about it. There was a lot of conflict. Conflicts include Bleeding Kansas and the Brooks-Sumner Incident on the floor of Congress. It really increased polarization which pulled the country apart.

A Issue Continued

One issue from the Southern Perspective is the States Rights and how they didn't get the same rights as the Northern States. The people in the south were against the way the north could just say what they could do. They could make the laws that applied for the south too. So that is what they would fight about.

How Society Felt

Well the North and the South had different options on what the civil war was about. But many people like the Vietnam War thought that the war shouldn't have been done. But a lot of people had the option that the war should have happened.
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Union Army

This is the Union army and this is where most of the northerners went. This is the army that one but suffered many loses. They were the ones in the Blue Uniforms
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Confederate Army

This is the Army for the South. This is where many southerners went to fight. They were the ones in the grey uniforms in battles. They lost the war. But they did but up one good fight.
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Abraham Lincoln

This is the President of the USA during the time of the civil war which one of the big reasons why the south had seceded from the Union because of the republican party being against slavery so much.
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Union Arms

This is the way the Union people were in the 1800's. This is their arms and their guns.
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Confederate Arms

This is the way the Confederate people were in the 1800's. This is their arms and their guns.
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This is the factory in the 1860's This is the Northern resource because they would have guns made in the factories for the people in the army.
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Confederate Resource

They had cotton which was sold to the North which is the clothes the solders in the north. So the resource which helps the people make money is Cotton

Alliances with both sides

Native Americans fought on either side of the war. They fought with the Union and the Confederacy. So they are a alliance for both of the people. That is the way the people were alliances. Since they fought for both I was able to do one thing.
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