Southern Glamour Team Recognition

March 2016

Greetings Southern Glamour Gals -

Happy Spring! I know many of you are on Spring Break and enjoying the week. That is definitely what I am doing. I went to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo last night with some great friends and today is my big spring cleaning day around this house!! I am taking a little break to eat a sandwich and write this newsletter. :)

First off, I want everyone to know, January and February were busy and rough months for me at my daytime job, and it affected my IO business and my team. While I managed to "Pop" each month, I only did it with Mystery Hostess parties on Facebook and promoting some specials -- my first home party was not until March 10 this year! That is not the way I want to run my business. That is not leading all of you with intentionality. I just want you to know that I am going to do better, beginning TODAY!!!!

With that being said, I am sure some of you feel the same way. "I didn't have any parties in January.", "I didn't hit my PV goal.", etc... are probably running through your minds. Not to worry. Today is a new day and it is time to start making your IO business be what YOU want it to be! :)

We can start with a fun initiative that will be taking place this Monday, March 21st. It is called the Spring Forward Initiative. Before next Monday, make yourself a Booking Blitz list. Get busy thinking and write out a list of at least 25 names that you can call on Monday evening. Think of past hostesses, friends, family, co-workers, etc... Write them all on your list with phone numbers. Then get ready on Monday night to get in touch with these people. Fill up that calendar for the end of March, April, and May!! Post a photo of your list on Tara Guthier's IO team page - Southern Jewels and you will be in the running for a gift from me for participating!!

As far as the Initial Outfitters guides that I asked you to order, that is for the "Take Carol With You" challenge. In case you don't know, Carol Williams works at IO and is the lady on the cover of the Initial Action Guide. This challenge will run March 21-March 25. On these dates, take a picture of yourself with the Initial Action Guide and anyone you are out sharing IO with. Post the picture on the Initial Success FB page, and be in the running for some great prizes from the corporate office!! :)

So what do I need you to do right now?? I need you to get an Initial Action Guide in your hand, make that list of your Booking Blitz contacts and post it to our Southern Jewels FB page and Initial Success, and then get ready to Spring Forward your IO business!!!

As usual, if you have any questions, please call or text! :)

-- Marcy

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Who Did What This Month?? (January and February)

Personal Volume Goals

Look who QUALIFIED this month ($500 PV or higher):

=> Lori Slott (January)

=> Jessica Alvarez (January)

=> Holly Witherwax (January)

=> Cara Schwartz (January)

Look who POPPED this month ($1200 PV or higher):

=> Marcy Pavlock (January and February)

Top Personal Volume in January:

3. Jessica Alvarez => $665

2. Lori Slott => $767.90

1. Marcy Pavlock => $1908.90

Top Personal Volume in February:

3. Cara Schwartz => $177.10

2. Lori Slott => $399.70

1. Marcy Pavlock => $1205.40

Welcome to the Team!!

Monica Smith on February 15th!

Jennifer Brabston on March 1st!

Amanda Ketkoski on March 2nd!

Amy Boyce on March 8th!

Welcome ladies!!!

Team Goal for the Month of March!

1. Getting back to being an Outfitter Leader Team!! What does that take?

=> $6,500 group volume

=> 4 people qualifying in our level 1 team right underneath me. To make it to a Senior Outfitter Leader Team we need 4 people qualifying right under me and 2 of those people becoming Senior Outfitters this month! It is so doable! Offer the opportunity to everyone you know! Now is the time to show everyone how fun and profitable Initial Outfitters can be! Who are you going to share the opportunity with this month? this week? tomorrow? today?

Recruiting 4 new team members this month!! Start sharing this opportunity with everyone you know and at every party you do!!

Let's do this team!!!

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