George Washington

by Siohban Mays

George Washington had a Democracy.he believed in capitalism.When George Washington was a child he helped his family in the tobacco field. He wasn't only the first president but he was one of the most wealthy men in office.He was born in 1732 in Virginia to Mary Ball and Augustine Washington. After a French ambush in 1755 he was promoted to the position of Colonel, and in August of 1755 he was given command of the Virginia military and charged with defending the colony's western frontier, which he did.

In 1759 Washington left the military and returned home to Mount Vernon. There he married Martha Custes.His great stature gave credibility for the call of a new government and assured his election as the first president of the United States of America.He was elected president as the unanimous choice in 1788. washington had a vision of great power for this nation. George washington also drafted the United states with the constitution.He was the first to go to war, first to make peace, and the first president.