Technology used in the Classroom

Use technology to help enhance your students' learning!

By: Macey Holleman


ePals is a website that allows classrooms to connect with other classrooms all over the world. Students are able to expand their communication skills by having to learn to communicate with students from different countries. Teachers can use ePals to teach their students how to collaborate with the other students in order to be able to get information so that they can complete their classwork. ePALS connects 4.5 million students and teachers in 191 countries for teacher-designed cross-cultural and interactive projects. Classrooms use monitored email, language translation, discussion boards, maps and more to work and learn together. Find a partner classroom and collaborate on school projects, practice foreign language skills and establish international friendships.
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Prezi is a presentation tool that can be used as an alternative to traditional slide making programs such as PowerPoint. Instead of slides, Prezi makes use of one large canvas that allows you to pan and zoom to various parts of the canvas and emphasize the ideas presented there. Prezi allows students to be as creative as they want with their powerpoint by adding as many images and text sections as they want. You can Prezi in the classroom by allowing your students to create their own creative powerpoints about a topic that they are learning about and then allowing them to teach the class their powerpoint.
Big image is a website that allows students and teachers to create mind maps and spider webs to organize their ideas and thoughts. They are allowed to use it to brainstorm, organize their notes, create presentations, and create flow charts. You can add as many bubbles as you want to your mind map so that you are able to make sure you have covered all the information that you need to know. Teachers can use in the classroom to allow their students to create mind maps that show the student's thought processing works.
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