The Patriot Act

Michelle Acojedo


The Patriot Act was created under the administration of President George W. Bush. One month after 9/11, when terrorism was at it's peak and most apparent, Congress sought it necessary to create a law to decrease national fear. The USA Patriot Act is also an acronym that describes its purpose which is, "Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism." The law was created in mind to lesson the fear and tension among civilians and future terrorist attacks.

Perspective #2

media portrayed event

inhibits future threats (and drug trafficking)

protect national security

Perspective #1

As a law established for the promotion of national security, one would like to bask in the blissful belief of tranquility. Yet the law extended power to law enforcement, diminishing civil liberties. For example,

Not only did it (^), it was also somewhat secretive in that when questioned specific tools used in providing, the department of justice is able to say "it may risk national security"

was a long plan but the justice department to favor the law enforcement,

violates civil liberties

Media bias explained

Although enacted a month and 10 days after the dismal occurrence of 9/11, the decison made was still too impulsive and the majority of congress had not read the entire 100+ page document that gave specific rules and guidelines as to how they would enforce the laws. Some normal civilians could easily refute the extended power the law provided for law enforcement, since it is clearly state in the thesis, "to provide appropriate tools to intercept and obstruct terrorism."

(needs second view- protect national security)

Historical Criticism

Cultural Criticism


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