Theodore Roosevelt School

May Newsletter

Grade 3

The 3rd grade went on a class trip to the movies to see, Disney’s Nature, Penguins, on Wednesday, April 24, 2019. Throughout the year in science, the animal that was used for life cycles, behaviors, traits, and adaptations was the penguin. The best way the 3rd graders could culminate learning everything about penguins was go go see the movie! The students were excited to go and made themselves comfy and cozy while they watched the life of a penguin in action! A fun time was had by all of the third grade students!

Grade 4

The fourth grade students have started to work on the TREP$ program. This is an entrepreneur-based program that empowers children by providing a fun, project-based experience, creatively integrating education with the opportunity to apply business, academic, and life skills. TREP$ will culminate with an ultimate activity called the TREP$ Marketplace. This is where children come as vendors to sell their goods. Please come to the TREP$ Marketplace and show support to all our hard working students.

Grade 5

The students are excited to be continuing our "Road Trip Through History" by researching Westward Expansion. They started this unit with a S.T.E.A.M. activity where in which the students needed to construct a wagon that would be able to carry all the necessary items needed to move out west. The students will discuss how the Native Americans played a crucial role in the expansion of the Untied States. Students will continue to explore this topic through a in depth PBL where they will research various angles and events of Westward Expansion and how it impacted the United States a a newly formed country.

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Grade 6

In 6th grade Social Studies, the students are currently wrapping up Ancient Greece. They recently completed a mini DBQ on Education in Sparta. Next, they will be off to Ancient Rome, where they will discuss mythology, gladiators fighting in the Colosseum, and the birth of the republic. While in Math, they are starting their last chapter, Statistics and Probability. They will review and expand upon what they have learned about collecting and displaying data as well as probability. In Reading, the students have been studying Non-fiction and Poetry, as well as reading a different novel in each class. They have had crossover lessons in reading and ELA.

The students in ELA are analyzing the characters in some of their novels along with some influential mentor short stories. They will weave these ideas into a literary essay by the end of the trimester. Some have also taken to writing poetry since this is National Poetry Month , and their work is displayed on the third floor. Lastly, in Health, they have studied Family Life and In Science students are studying Earth Science. They will develop and use a model of the Earth-sun-moon system to describe the cyclic patterns of lunar phases, eclipses of the sun and moon, and seasons.

5th and 6th Grade Peer Leadership

Animal Shelter Towel Drive

**Begins May 1, 2019**

We need gently used towels, supplies, etc.

Collection Boxes outside of Rm. 308

__All proceeds to the BC Protect & rescue Foundation__

WE "Paws" itively...

Thank you for your support!

Physical Education

This month in Physical Education all classes will be trying out for the Junior Olympics! This is always a fun and competitive time of the year as students have the opportunity to showcase their athleticism in six different events with a chance to ultimately win a medal. The six events that the students will compete in are the 100 meter dash, the long jump, the high jump, the javelin, the shot put, and the discus. The top fifteen boys and girls from each grade will qualify for the final of each event, which is held down at the Waterfront every year. I hope you can join us on May 18th down at the Waterfront to support these great student athletes and good luck to all of the contestants!

Important Dates

May 6-7- State Testing

May 8- PTA Meeting 7 pm

May 29- DARE Graduation- TBC

June 3- Grade 2 Move Up Day

June 4- 5th grade trip

June 5- 4th grade trip

June 5- PTA meeting 7 pm

June 6- Trep$ grade 6

June 7- 6th grade trip

June 10- 3rd grade trip

June 11- safety patrol trip

June 12- 6th grade visit to WHS

June 14- TRS Awards Ceremony

June 17- TRS Fun Day

June 18- 6th grade dance Elks 4-7 pm

June 20- Last day of school, report cards