Gigantic Great Whites

Max Merritt


Shark attack victim and famous surfer Bethany Hamilton says “If you care about the ocean, you care about sharks.” The Great White Shark is an amazing animal that is living in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. This awesome creature has a stunningly big body structure and appearance, a very fascinating habitat, and a unique diet for a shark.


Regardless, the Great White Shark is an intriguing animal to learn about. It has a skillful way of getting food, a colossal body structure an appearance, and a delightful habitat that it is lucky to live in. Therefore, if you go to visit the Great Barrier Reef you should definitely look for this sea creature.

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Go Fish

In math class I made a go fish activity. In my go fish activity I got 6 fish in my 20 gallon tank. The types of fish I used were green mandarin, African cichlid, ghost shrimp, upside down catfish, cory catfish, otocinclus, and a black variatas. I spent 210 dollars on fish and on tank decor. I got a 20 gallon fish tank and used 18 gallons of the water. I only used saltwater and tropical fish in my tank.