The Review

April 12, 2019

From Mrs. Lewis...

- You are our superheroes to our school and students! Feel free to wear a superhero shirt and jeans on Monday, April 15th.

-MTSS- Three folders from each grade level are due to Mrs. Tippett by Tuesday afternoon.

-POWERSCHOOL UPDATES REQUIRED - Admin should not receive parent concerns about a child's grade and once looked into discovered that updates haven't been made in weeks. Weekly updates are required to keep parents informed.

-EOG Prep books have arrived. Please know that sit and get should not take place with the prep books. Consider games, group competitions, gallery walks to complete problems are great options for EOG review.

-Don't forget to update lesson plans / spartan time. These will be monitored more closely as we approach EOG review.

-Staff absences - Please limit absences as we move closer to the end of the year. Consistency and stability are needed with students to ensure good behavior and an intense focus on preparation for testing.

-OUR STUDENTS NEED YOUR SUPPORT - Come out and enjoy some entertainment on Tuesday, April 16th for our Little Mermaid Jr. Play at 6pm at Scotland High. Free of Charge - Donations accepted.

-PARENT CALLS - At this time, 2 parents have called the front office upset over a child's grades. Please be reminded parents should be contacted and the call documented throughout the nine weeks to keep parents informed of grades/behavior concerns.

-April 15 - AIG FAIR and Rising AIG Parent Night 6pm

-We are down to the last few days before Spring Break. What do you have planned in your lessons? What incentives have been implemented to curb behaviors.

-The Awards Program is scheduled for Thursday, April 18th 8:45 (7th/8th Grade) and 9:55 (6th Grade). Please discuss assembly behaviors with your students. ALL SUPPORT staff should sit with students and monitor. Thanks!

-Spring Break CHECKS - Be sure that food is secure, trash taken out, windows secured, blinds closed before leaving for Spring Break.

-8th Grade students will visit Scotland High on Friday, April 18th

-SIT will meet on Monday, April 15th. Please be prepared for data report outs.

-Charlie Fipps, supplemental Insurance Agent, will be on campus in the mail room on April 16/17.

-Registration week for rising 7/8 graders April 14 - 18. Mrs. Snell will provide details.

-Club day will be Tuesday, April 16. Please make sure you have a presentation board ready to showcase during the rising 6th graders visit on Tuesday, April 30. Mrs. Tippett will have blank presentation boards in her office if you would like to have your students work on it during clubs next week. Also, please select 2 students to share information about your club during the April 30 visit.

-Legislation is moving forward to give state paid teachers $400 for instructional supply - on the surface this sounds great and it is the belief that they should have the $400 and more; $400 comes out of state allotted instructional supply money; there is $47M allotted for instructional supply across the state; $37M to give every teacher that $400 leaving $10M to be distributed across the state; last year we received $174,000; if bill passes it will reduce the allotment to $35,000-$38,000 for instructional supplies in this district; to date we have spend $173,000+ of the $174,000; we would have to take from local money taking it from other pots of money; we believe the state should find that $37M in new money as opposed to money that already been allotted.

-April Pay Date will be April 17 ---10-Month Employees who are NOT on installments and would like to be for the 2019-20 school year, must complete the 12 MONTH SALARY DISTRIBUTION ELECTION FORM (on website) on or before August 14, 2019.




-The Robotics Team Showcase is this Saturday at Carver Middle School from 9am - 12pm. If you have never been, it is quite a sight to see. Come out and support our Spartans.

--APRIL 30 -Rising 6th Graders will be on campus and touring during 9 - 10:30. Limit students out of class and ensure students are on their best behavior. There will be a rising 6th Grade Parent Night that night at 6pm.

This Week

  • April 15- SIT Meeting
  • April 15- AIG Parent night
  • April 16 - CLUBS day
  • April 16 - Little Mermaid play @ SHS
  • April 17 - 6th grade field trip
  • April 17 - TLC (Open Gym) 7th @ 12:45 - 1:15 / 8th @ 1:30 - 2:00
  • April 18- 3rd 9 weeks Awards Assembly

  • April 18 - 12:00 - 1:00 SHS job fair for 8th grade
  • April 18- TLC (Open Gym) 6th @ 1:15 - 1:45

  • April 19- Good Friday Holiday- No School

Upcoming Date

  • April 22-26- Spring Break
  • April 29 - 8th grade Prom tickets go on sale
  • April 30 - Rising 6th grade visit (9:00 - 10:30) **6th and 7th will switch elective times**
  • May 2 - Sports Recognition Reception 6:00pm
  • May 13 - Muffins for Moms

Upcoming Testing Windows:

  • ELA Writing Assessments April 1-18
  • 4th Common Assessment/Mock EOG April 30-May 3
  • EOGs May 24-June 7

Friday Review information is due to Beth Tippett by Thursdays at 4:00pm at