(Oil and natural gas)

Where is Petroleum found?

Petroleum is found between layers of rock deep within the earth. Engineers drill wells under the earth's surface to bring oil and gas to the surface.

What are some of the uses for petroleum?

Petroleum is used to make many, many things. In fact, it would be easier to ask what petroleum isn't used for. Petroleum helps make anything from parachutes, to lipstick, to exercise mats. You're most likely using something made with petroleum in it everyday. Aside from those many uses, petroleum is mainly used for fuel.

Who uses Petroleum?

Individuals use petroleum for everyday items. Countries use petroleum for fuel. The answer to who uses petroleum is basically everyone.
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What are the advantages of petroleum?

One advantage is that oil is cleaner and easier to burn than coal. Another advantage would be that it is a reliable source of energy, One last advantage of petroleum is it is easy to store and transport.